Using herbal hair oils for hair growth, dandruff and to prevent grey hair has always been an important part of beauty and hair regimen for Indians.Homemade Hair Oils

Different types of oils made from coconut, sesame seeds with a blend of various herbs like methi, mehendi, curry leaves, hibiscus flowers, leaves amla, shikakai not only keep hair nourished and conditioned but also prevent and heal several hair issues.

These oils can easily be made at home. Read on for some DIY recipes.

Hibiscus & Coconut Hair Oil

100 gms of fresh or withered hibiscus flowers

50 gms of hibiscus leaves

250 ml of coconut oil


Crush both hibiscus flowers and leaves into a smooth paste.

In a heavy bottomed vessel, pour coconut oil. Warm it and add the paste.

Let it boil for 10 minutes till you get nice aromatic smell.

Strain the concoction in to a glass bottle, let it cool down.

Use this oil at least twice a week to stop hair fall and to ensure good hair growth.

If you are massaging with the oil, always use mild shampoo for washing.

How It Works:

Hibiscus is a powerhouse of vitamin C and amino acids that contribute for hair growth. This oil stimulates hair growth by working on closed follicles and also strengthens the hair root.

Amla Oil:

200 gms of fresh amla, chopped in to small pieces

250 ml of coconut oil


In a heavy bottomed vessel, pour coconut oil.

Warm it and add amla pieces. Boil till the pieces start becoming soft and succulent.

Strain the oil into a vessel. Don’t discard amla pieces.

Pulp it into a nice paste and add it to the oil.

Store in a glass bottle. Use it at least twice a week for a dark, long hair.

Always wash with a mild shampoo.

How It Works:

Amla is a wonder fruit for hair growth and is highly recommended by Ayurveda for its essential fatty acids, vitamin C, that help in keeping the scalp dandruff free and promote hair growth. Using this regularly stops hair fall.

Curry Leaves Oil:

200 grams of fresh curry leaves

150 ml of coconut oil


In a pan, heat coconut oil and add curry leaves.

Bring it to a boil and let it simmer till the oil turns black.

Turn off the heat and let it cool down.

Store in a glass bottle and use this oil thrice in a week.

Applying this oil regularly stops premature greying.

Wash hair with mild shampoo.

How It Works:

Curry leaves work wonders in restoring melanin, the main component that gives hair its colour and it also stops premature greying. It also helps scalp in getting rid of dead cells, even while nourishing it from roots.