Probiotic is the food substance which contains and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your body. Some of the probiotic foods are yoghurt, curd, fermented vegetables (sauerkraut- like soaked in vinegar, pickled), fermented cheese (cheddar and swiss) and sour pickles.

Homemade Curd

The curd is a milk product that contains the sugar lactose and protein casein. The Lactobacillus bacteria grow on lactose and produce lactic acid as a byproduct of fermentation. The lactic acid produced decreases the pH of the milk which curdles the milk protein casein.

Homemade curd contains several species of the Lactobacillus like L. fermentum, L. acidophilus, L. confusus, and Leconostoc lactis is also present in curd prepared at home.

Curd chiefly contains the lactic acid bacteria genus that converts lactose into lactic acid. A probiotic on the other hand is loaded with a wide variety of beneficial bacteria. Though curd is not truly probiotic, its benefits are very similar to that of probiotics.

The benefits of probiotic vary for different bacterial strains. The health perks of adding probiotics to your diet include better digestion, boost immunity, and maintains the calcium levels in bones.

Eating Curd Provides Following Benefits:

Promotes the gut health and digestion

Curd is a great probiotic that contains good beneficial bacteria known to promote the gut activity, soothe the inflamed digestive system and heals an upset stomach.

Immune system booster

The live bacteria found in curd fight disease-causing germs and keeps the gut and intestinal health protected. Evidence also proves the claims that curd as probiotic is very potent in boosting the immunity as popping pills.

Healthy skin

Curd exhibits a natural moisturizing effect on your skin and eases to heal your dry skin naturally. Acne is very common with people suffering from gastrointestinal issues, curd helps in promoting active gut health which leads to healthy and radiant skin.

It is a wonderful ingredient used widely for various beauty packs as it is loaded with lactic acid that functions as an excellent exfoliator which clears off all dead cells and blemishes.