After a hectic day at work, the body and mind need to unwind and the best way to achieve that is a good night’s sleep. But alas, there are health problems galore when it comes to getting sufficient uninterrupted rest at night-time. What with physical fatigue, body pain, mental stress, emotional turmoil and not to mention, the numerous ebbs and flows of the coronavirus infection tides over the past two years, insomnia is a widely reported issue among children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly in present times.

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Insomnia, a condition in which the affected individual faces difficulty in falling asleep and remaining in the rested phase through the night, undeniably negatively influences physical and mental wellbeing, affecting both professional tasks at work and routine chores as well as personal matters at home. Thankfully, there are a plethora of herbal teas prepared from potent plant-based extracts that are brimming with adaptogenic and sedative properties, which help to destress the mind and get a peaceful night of complete rest for 7 – 9 hours, as recommended by doctors. These comprise lavender tea, chamomile tea, ashwagandha tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, valerian root tea and tulsi tea, to name a few.

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So go ahead and make some warm concoctions of ashwagandha tea and hibiscus tea, to relax the body, mind and soul and ensure deep undisturbed sleep at night.

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Bedtime Herbal Teas To Sleep Better And Lower Stress:

Ashwagandha Tea
Ashwagandha Tea


2 – 3 small twigs of ashwagandha roots

1 cup water

½ lemon

2 tsp honey


Boil water in a vessel, then add the ashwagandha roots to it and heat for 2 – 3 minutes.

Turn off the stovetop, close the lid and let the root essence blend in completely.

Filter this mixture using a sieve, add lemon juice and honey and serve  the ashwagandha tea hot after dinner.


Ashwagandha is an amazing herbal remedy for various health anomalies and is imbued with adaptogenic and tranquilising traits to promote better sleep at night-time. It also contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that lower the risk of chronic disorders like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is a marvellous antioxidant and detoxifying agent that cleanses harmful free radicals, wastes and toxins from the blood, liver and kidneys. Bestowed with bronchodilatory and decongestant qualities, honey is an age-old natural remedy for respiratory ailments, cough, cold, fever and augments breathing, lung functions.

Hibiscus Tea:
Hibiscus Tea


½ cup dried hibiscus flowers

A bunch of mint leaves

3 tsp jaggery powder

2 cups water


Heat water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.

Add the dried hibiscus flowers and let them steep in water for 10 – 15 minutes on low-medium flame.

Distil the blend into a dish, add jaggery, top it off with leaves and sip on a cup of hot hibiscus tea at bedtime.

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Hibiscus flowers possess profuse amounts of melatonin, which regulates the circadian rhythm i.e. the sleep-wake cycle, soothes the mind of tension, anxiety, nervousness and helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Laden with menthol, mint leaves have a cooling effect on the body, while jaggery provides ample amounts of iron for improved blood circulation in the system.