Healthy eating is all about making smart food choices. A food pyramid serves as a tool for people to design a healthy diet and it delivers an overview of different kinds of foods our body needs to maintain health and keep diseases at bay. The Indian food pyramid is a representation of a well-balanced healthy diet plan that one must ideally stick to, which provides the body with all essential macro and micronutrients. The food guide pyramid focuses on indigenous food and unique eating habits.

The food guide pyramid consists of four segments as per the recommended dietary allowances which give you an option of varied foods from which to decide to plan a well-planned diet.

Cereals, legumes, milk and milk products are at the base of the pyramid which should be eaten in adequate amounts to meet your daily needs of energy and protein.

Colourful veggies and fruits take the next levels which should added in ample amounts to meet your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Animal sources and oils in the third segments should be included in moderate quantity, choose lean fish, meat and choose oils like gingelly, groundnut, mustard, coconut and olive oil.

At the top of the pyramid comes the highly processed foods which are loaded with sugars and fats are to be consumed sparingly.

The food guide pyramid also emphasis the importance of regular exercise, workouts and being physically active.

Above all, it is quintessential to take adequate amount of water as it is one of the key nutrients that keep you hydrated and maintain health.

Eating a wide spectrum of foods as guided by the food guide pyramid will surely cater people with the vital nutrients required by the body.

Food pyramid for a well balanced diet