The letter written by Edward Emmanuel Cortez, a school going teenager explaining his teacher on why he didn’t do his homework over the weekend went viral in no time for all hilarious reasons, but this young lad from California seems to have a point.

Boy doesn't want to write

The witty youngster made a very honest appeal to his teacher on how homework is causing him unnecessary stress, making him ‘mad’ and why it wouldn’t help him in anyways in the real-world.

A majority of twitterati agreed in unison that his argument was spot on but let’s agree - homework is an inevitable part of our education system.

Love it or hate it, kids and parents get equally stressed about completing the assignments given by the teachers as it is considered as an age-old tradition of practicing lessons back home, that were taught in the school.

If you are one of those parents or students, stressed like Edward Cortez, here’s how you can make it less bothersome.

Understand The Task:

Learn about the assignment in detail or discuss it with your teacher during or after the class for a better understanding about your homework. Note down the points in a book and come up with a schedule. If you have more homework and assignments, prioritize and budget your time.

Hard Assignments First:

Start fresh and go for the hardest assignments first. Use your mental power, understand the concepts that are challenging, when you have energy as it helps in focusing. And when you feel tired, go for easy homework and finish it.

Take Breaks:

If you have a lot of homework that would consume your time, take a break. Getting glued to your chair for longer hours may not be productive and may disturb your attention. Take a break for 15 minutes for every one hour, snack and listen to good music to regain your energy.

Get Help:

If you are finding it hard to complete your assignment, get help right away. Talk to your parents, older siblings, friends as sometimes new explanations on the same subject can make the task easier.

Keep Gadgets Away:

Gadgets like phones, tablets, televisions are like major distractions and can disturb your concentration. Sit in a quiet place, make yourself comfortable and then start working on the assignments. Give away your phone and other gadgets to your parents till your homework is done for the day.

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