Acai berries are the latest buzz now and for good reasons. Most of us are familiar with them as tiny berries you add to smoothies or topped with a wholesome cereal bowl. Well, acai berries have loads of other amazing beauty incentives too, mainly when it comes to hair. It’s no wonder that this superfruit is being largely used as a key ingredient in many hair care essentials.
Acai palm trees are found widely in the South American rain forest, acai berries are round reddish-purple fruits that have been famed for ages for their amazing healing, immune boosting, and antioxidant actions. A storehouse of vital nutrients, you can find acai berries in everything from cold-pressed juices to supplements to skincare essentials. They are highly beneficial to lower inflammation, fighting free radicals damage, and averting the signs of premature aging. Applying nourishing oils to hair is a natural way to promote growth, add lustre and make mane healthier.

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Hair nourishing nutrients in acai oil support to strengthen hair and avert hair loss in an incredible way.
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Acai oil work amazing well for keratin-treated hair that can make your mane stronger, smoother, and shiner. It is also known as “Purple Gold”, which encompasses a wealth of protein, omega fatty acids, as well as vitamins A and E

Acai is a popular element of several shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in creams for hair. Here are some of the incredible benefits of acai oil for hair.

Amazing Benefits Of Acai Oil

Natural Moisturizer

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Thanks to the wealth of healthy fatty acids, acai oil works wonders on frizzy, dry, and damaged mane. Regular use of this oil makes curls smooth and shiner, as acai oil diffuses well into hair shafts and follicles. If the hair is wet, it supports well to preserve moisture. For best results use acai oil to damp hair and shampoo.

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Safeguards From Sun Damage

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Keratin-treated hair may become very dry and frizzy after being in the sun for a long time. The UV radiation can dry up the hair shaft and weaken the mane’s natural cohesion. Well, acai oil can work extremely beneficial for repairing sun-damaged hair. Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols acai oil shields the hair from oxidative damage and restores hair health.

Protects Coloured Hair

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Acai oil is endowed with a storehouse of antioxidants that restore and preserve hair colour by averting free radical oxidation, which can lead to fading. Hence, apply acai oil daily to sustain hair’s natural colour.

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Healthy Scalp

Acai oil comes with a treasure trove of hair nourishing nutrients like zinc, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids in the appropriate proportions. Folic acid promotes blood flow to the scalp, while zinc strengthens scalp health and averts hair fall and slows down premature greying. Apart from this, the anti-inflammatory qualities of acai oil soothe the scalp, reduce itchiness, and stimulate hair growth.

Slows Down Premature Aging

For the hair follicles to effectively work its need the right amount of nutrition to combat against toxins, else it deteriorates and starts to break. Acai oil adds elasticity to the mane and makes it easier to brush, this way hair is less likely to split or become brittle. Regular usage of acai oil makes your hair easier to style and lessens frizz. Acai oil comes with a high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) score is 3800 units which the system uses to neutralize free radicals that cause hair cells to age prematurely.