Super long locks, a chic bob cut, or sassy shoulder-length, tresses are all about the latest trends, colours, texture, and of course maintaining them to a T. Well, to each his own; everyone's hair care routine and choice of length are unique and personalized. Some prefer to possess super long ‘Rapunzel’ hair, while some like their manes super short, settling for an easy-to-maintain uber-cool pixie cut. From stick straight to wavy to super tight curls, made of a tough protein called keratin, human hair goes through many phases of transition and can be drastically unique from one day to the next.

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On average, we shed around 50-150 strands of hair a day thus a few strands on your comb is absolutely normal. While there have been a lot of myths floating around on hair maintenance, hair growth, and fall, it’s about time we busted these myths and uncover some real facts:

Myth: Shampoo Switching Causes Hair Fall

Fact: Changing Shampoo Won’t Trigger Hair Loss

Our scalp doesn’t know that we are changing hair cleansers, so it does not become used to just one type or brand of shampoo. Go ahead and experiment with any shampoo that you choose. It will not lead to hair loss.

Myth: Usage Of Too Many Products Causes Scalp Damage

Fact: Not At All

Right hair products like conditioner, wax, hairspray, or gels do not lead to staggering hair loss. In fact, making use of them detangles your hair. Unless you use these products excessively, there is no way that it can lead to drastic loss of hair. Other than harsh heat or chemical hair treatment, nothing in moderation is bad for your hair.

Myth: Sunlight Causes Hair Fall

Fact: Exposure To Sunlight Won’t Lead To Hair Loss

Tresses keep hair follicles safe and act as a natural shield, protecting the top of your head from sun rays. So no, your hair will not fall out due to direct exposure to sunlight!

Myth: If You Pluck Greys, You Get More

Fact: Certainly Not

Hair color is ruled by melanin produced in hair follicles. Once cells stop the production of the darker pigment, your hair will start to turn grey. Therefore, individually plucking out a grey hair will not lead to the growth of twenty more!  Yes, the fact is that a new hair begins to grow as soon as it is plucked from its follicle but that need not be a grey one.

Myth: Trimming Increases Length

Fact: No. It Won’t!

Hair grows from its roots. Trimming does not decide the length or thickness of your mane. Yes, trimming them regularly is beneficial to get rid of split ends and make them appear voluminous, but it does not make them grow in length.

After all, hair care is all about eating a nutrient-dense diet and using the right products.

Foray into this infographic to make concoctions of these ingredients and get strong, shiny, and voluminous tresses.
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