Healthy, supple and lustrous hair defines the beauty quotient of a woman. However, most of us have trouble with dandruff, dry, itchy scalp, split ends, hair breakage or excessive hair fall due to poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, environmental pollutants, work stress and exposure to the sun. Nevertheless to say, if you wish to flaunt gorgeous locks, you have to pamper them often in order to make hair and scalp healthy from within.

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An overnight hair mask can greatly help in this regard. Hair masks are known for their amazing potential to soften, condition and calm all hair types. The goodness of natural ingredients in the overnight hair mask can make your mane healthier and treat all other hair woes.

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An overnight hair mask can be defined as a hair treatment process that blends an array of hair-friendly ingredients that can add strength, shine and volume to the hair. Homemade hair masks are made from natural ingredients that are readily available such as olive oil, fruits, eggs, and aloe Vera to heal a spectrum of hair ailments. Hair care experts suggest that regular use of an overnight hair mask may help to:

Nourish and hydrate mane naturally

Instil hair scalps with moisture

Add shine and lustre

Prevent split ends and hair breakage

Control frizz

Lessen tangles and knots

Promotes the growth of healthy hair

Homemade hair masks are easy to prepare, bestowed with natural ingredients, which is great for keeping the health and beauty of the mane. Hair masks are an essential beauty care regimen to embrace in order to repair damages, prevent premature greying, stop hair fall and sustain its natural health.

How To Do?

Start applying mask at the root of the hair and massage through the scalp. Ensure to coat your hair from the root to the ends. Once applied run a wide-toothed comb through hair to make sure the mask is distributed well. Cover the head with a shower cap and allow it overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly with water to remove all the ingredients using a mild shampoo. Foray this infographic for more details.
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