The gut is your body’s main point of entry for nutrients, thus it’s essential to get it working as optimally as possible. You may be lacking in certain vital nutrients if your digestive system is obstructed or unable to metabolize food. So, even if you have wholesome and nourishing food, your body won’t be able to process it. To carry out normal digestive functions and shield against infection and inflammation, the gut relies on the right balance of several microorganisms. The good bacteria in the gut boost the immune system and is vital for digestion.

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Several studies reveal that a disturbed gut microbiome has been associated with the risk of developing several diseases. Thus, it is quintessential to eat a good lot of natural fresh produce and whole grains to maintain the gut microbe healthily and lower the risk of chronic diseases. The good bacteria in the gut improve digestive, and immune health, produce vitamins and ward off harmful pathogens to keep you in good health status. Also, the gut maintains, more than 70% of your immune system.

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If you have problems with normal digestion, or strives hard to be head-to-toe healthier, then the good news is that supplements for gut health and digestion are readily available, safe, and well tolerated by most people. These supplements promote the digestion process and relieve your digestive woes.
Gut health

How Do Gut Health Supplements Work?

Digestive supplements mainly help you comfort during meals. They vary from digestive enzyme supplements to probiotics. The gut health supplements can confer you with these befitting actions:

  • Supplements help with normal digestive function and absorption of vital nutrients
  • Digestive supplements support the production of beneficial bacteria in the gut and improve the overall health
  • They work to regularise bowel movements and help ease gas, bloating, and other digestive issues

Here we have curated the 5 best supplements for optimizing digestion, maintaining a healthy microbiome, and better regularity and comfort.

Digestive Enzyme

Digestive enzymes help normal digestion by breaking down foods, so that body can absorb the nutrients and eliminate the waste effectively. Some of the digestive enzyme supplements include protease which helps with the breakdown of protein, lactase helps digest dairy products, and lipase to assimilate fat and alpha-galactosidase enzyme supplements help break down legumes and cruciferous vegetables that are known to cause bloating and gas.


Probiotics are the must to add supplements to augment overall gut health and function. These beneficial bacteria support getting rid of unwanted pathogens in the microbiome and maintain an acidic pH in the digestive system. Also, probiotic supplements aid the system to produce digestive enzymes and improve the digestion process. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are two stand-out probiotic supplements that promote gut health and regularise bowel function.

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The best digestive supplement for gut regularity is fiber. A fiber-rich diet or supplement is essential for healthy digestive functions. It helps in regularising bowel movements and averts constipation. Aside from this, fiber work as a prebiotic that feeds healthy probiotics and uplifts the immune system and overall gut health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C when combined with magnesium work as an osmotic agent which draws water into the intestines and promotes bowel regularity. This supplement is best known to enhance digestive functionality, and boost immune, skin, and heart health.


L-glutamine is one of the key nutrients for bolstering intestinal health and function. A healthy intestinal wall is essential, and when there are gaps, pathogens easily leak out resulting in inflammation and possibly causing several digestive woes. Studies suggest that L-glutamine repair and maintain the intestinal wall and gut microbiome and treats most gut problems. Furthermore, the potent anti-inflammatory actions of L-glutamine are beneficial for managing digestive issues like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and colorectal cancer.