It is February but the winter is still here. And before we say ‘welcome’ to scorching summer heats, let us make most of the nip in the air by nibbling on something yummy, well, in a healthy way. Winter brings in its own share of nutrient rich vegetables, fruits and it’s time to get introduced to legumes. The latest rage in the world of healthy eating and nutrition is Green Chickpeas and if you are wondering, how different is it from Kabuli Chana and Kala Chana, here is all you need to know.

Commonly known as Chholia, in Hindi this bright green, fresh legume not only looks like Kala Channa but tastes exactly the same. Chholia belongs to the family of Fabaceae and the fresh variety is available only in winter. The dried ones can be bought round-the-year, which need to be soaked overnight in water before cooking. This unique variety of green chickpeas not only match other types of channa in nutritional profile but also taste a tad bit sweeter and is widely used for making curries, cheelas etc.

What Are The Benefits of Green Chickpeas?

Aids In Weight Loss:

A fibre-rich legume, green chickpeas keep you satiated for a long time, preventing your mid-day hunger pangs. Since they take a longer time to digest, these legumes help in managing the weight thus keeping you away from eating unhealthy snacks.

Folate Rich:

Loaded with folate, green chickpeas are recommended for all age groups. The impressive amounts of B9 or folate aid in preventing anxiety, panic attacks and sudden mood swings. This is also recommended for pregnant women, however, eat it in moderation as these legumes are little hard to digest.

Supports Cardiac Health:

Green chickpeas are a rich source of magnesium and potassium, which play a pivotal role in preventing high blood pressure, thus keeping the heart healthy. The presence of plant sterol Sitosterol restricts absorption of cholesterol into the blood, thus lowering the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood.

Prevents Chronic Ailments:

The fresh green chickpeas are a powerhouse of Butyrate, which is essential for maintaining digestive health and anti-inflammatory in nature. Butyrate not only controls cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis but also prevents various chronic conditions like diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Protein Rich:

Consumption of plant-based protein is crucial for your overall mental and physical wellbeing. By including Green chickpeas in your regular diet, you can address problems related to building muscle, hair fall, brittle nails and dull skin.

How To Cook Green Chickpeas?

If you get fresh green chickpeas, wash them thoroughly under water, boil and add it to your subzis, soups and salads. If you are cooking the dried variety, soak them in water overnight, pressure cook it for 4 to 5 whistles.

The boiled chana with a bit of salt can be enjoyed as a snack. They go well with curries, stews and soups.

For more details, refer to the infographic below:
Green chickpeas for super health