Sweltering summers are round the corner and it’s time to brace up with scarves, sunscreens and sunglasses to avoid a dense suntan that follows every walk you take outdoors. Though summer heat can cause severe sunburn, severe tan and dehydration, one should not avoid going out completely. When done in moderation, it does provide ample health benefits.

In Vedic astrology, sun is considered as a significator of health and vitality. As per vedas, offering water to the sun lets sunlight sink deep into our body, balancing seven colours of our body thus making us strong and shiny throughout the day. Science insists that early morning sun rays are vital for health as moderate exposure to direct sunlight during mornings contributes to production of melanin and Vitamin D. However, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has negative health effects such as sunburn, suntans, dryness and various health ailments.

There are three different types of rays that the sun emits known as ultra violet rays- UVA, UVB, and UVC. While UVA causes immediate tanning, sunburn, UVB causes delayed tanning, sunburn, blistering and skin cancer. Fortunately, UVC radiation is completely filtered out by the ozone layer, so they never reach our atmosphere.

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Extreme sun exposure can lead following ailments:

Skin Changes: Due to over exposure, skin cells can form a clump. This can create freckles and moles that can develop into cancer.

Early Ageing: Overexposure to the sun makes your skin age faster with fine lines and wrinkles starting to show up before time.

Actinic Keratosis: A rough patch on the skin that develops from years of extreme sun exposure, this can be cancerous over time.

Lowers Immunity: Function of white blood cells is to protect the body. When skin gets burnt, white blood cells fight the problem and help create new cells. Doing this can put your immune system at a major risk.

Foray Into this infographic for home remedies to remove those tough tans:
Natural remedies to remove suntans