Gone are the days when flaunting glitzy makeup solely during the weekends or shimmering like the shiny disco balls at clubs to dance the night away was the thing to do. Now, be it teenagers, young adults or middle-aged women, the desire is to show off youthful, flawless, radiant skin with the picture-perfect dewy glow round the clock, no matter what the occasion. So it comes as no surprise then that the vanity cases of pretty much every makeup lover contains the requisite item to attain that luminous look – the highlighter.

Applying a few dabs of this shiny product certainly enhances the overall appearance by adding a vibrant sheen to the face. But using a particular kind or shade of highlighter that does not fit your skin tone or skin type can be an awful makeup disaster. And you definitely don’t want to commit this ultimate beauty blunder right? Not while you’re out with your bae on a date night, or enjoying brunch with your girl tribe on a bright morning, else even worse, heading for a meeting with colleagues at work!
Woman applying highlighter

Worry not, for we bring you this fundamental guide to the several varieties of highlighter products available in the market, plus pick the ones that are best suited for your complexion, skin texture and ways to dab it on to achieve that immaculate luminescence.

The Different Types Of Highlighters To Add To Your Makeup Collection

Strobing Cream

Strobing creams are a great way to illuminate any aspect of the face - cheeks, brow arches, cupid’s bow on the upper lips and collar bones. This versatile product can be mixed with primers and foundations for that lit from within look. It comes enclosed in handy tubes with a smooth consistency to effortlessly glide onto the face and neck.

Gel Highlighter

For that translucent glass skin-like look, gel highlighter is the latest and most magical invention from the makeup wizards. Comprising a thick yet free-flowing gel carrying glossy metallic particles, this makeup product can be applied on the high points of the face, to confer an impeccable dewy look all day long.

Stick Highlighter

Stick highlighters are cream-based formulations that are very useful while travelling. Packed in a convenient lipstick like case and not requiring a brush for application, stick highlighters are a must-have makeup item for a slick metamorphosis from work mode to a party-ready look.

Powder Highlighter

A time-tested makeup commodity, powder highlighters are packaged in easy-to-use compact cases, to add that touch of glamour and transform a dull look pronto. They can be applied in a very simple manner by taking the needed amount of product onto a brush and dispersing it evenly on the light-reflecting areas of the face.

Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighters are slightly thick in consistency and deeply pigmented creations, which impart a vivid gleam with just a tiny amount of product. They are enclosed in tubes or bottles, can be dotted onto the face and spread uniformly with just the fingertips, to provide an ultra dazzling sparkle.

How To Choose The Right Highlighter?

  • Depending on whether your natural skin tone is fair, medium or dark, go for a highlighter that is two shades lighter, so it doesn’t appear gaudy but blends well with your makeup for a smooth finish.
  • Skin undertones must be taken into consideration while selecting a highlighter too. For warm undertones, gold and bronze hues are ideal, while silver and gleaming white tints go well with cool undertones.
  • If the surface of the skin is rough and uneven, then avoid powder highlighters so that your makeup doesn’t look patchy and opt for a cream, gel or liquid-based product instead. For a smooth face, dabbing on a bit of the glittery powder highlighter instantly brightens the visage.

Tips To Apply Highlighter:

  • The golden rule before applying any makeup is to thoroughly exfoliate the face with a gentle scrub or mild cleanser. This eliminates all dead skin cells, debris, dust, dirt, grime, germs, excess oil and sebum from the face, as well as unclogs and tightens the pores.
  • Post this, applying some toner and spreading an even layer of nourishing moisturiser is a must. This replenishes, hydrates and plumps up the skin.
  • Don’t use the highlighter just yet. Layer on a primer, foundation and concealer to mask all the unevenness and dark spots. Then take a small amount of the shimmery glitter, dab it on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, folds on the chin and even a teeny bit in the inner corner of the eyes, for a glistening attractive look.