Have you ever come across somebody sporting a skin tone that’s naturally glowing and wondered how to get it? Well, there’s a term for this now. Its called ‘Glass Skin’ or ‘Glass Look’ and you too can achieve it! 

Girl with glass skin

Popularised by Korean girls in the recent times, glass look refers to possessing fresh, radiant, dewy, luminously sparkling skin. And if you thought it is tough to get that pure skin tone, think again. 

We will tell you how to get glass glow at your best with these simple kitchen ingredients that are easily available and in just 3 simple steps. 

What To Do:

The first step to achieving a glass look is to stick to a regimen. Do this at least twice in a week to retain the glow on your face. 

Ingredients For Glass Look:

3 tbsp raw milk – in liquid or frozen into cubes

2 thinly sliced tomato

3 tbsp natural plain Honey

3 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel 


Step 1: Wash your face with plain water and pat dry. Apply raw milk evenly or rub frozen milk cubes on the face. Gently massage your face and wait till it dries. 

Step 2: Dip tomato slices into honey and rub it on the face. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash with plain water. 

Step 3: Apply aloe vera gel on the face and gently massage. This hydrates the skin and leaves it supple.

Repeat the process for at least twice in a week and glow with that glass look!