The video of heavily pregnant tennis star Sania Mirza, playing tennis with her sister Anam went instantly viral and is inspiring for everyone. In the video, one can watch Sania Mirza playing her usual deft tennis shots with a minimal movement in the court, in a very cautious manner. 

Get Sporty In Pregnancy For Amazing Benefits

Last year when American sports star Seriana Williams revealed that she won Australian Open while being an eight-week-old pregnant, it sent the world into frenzy and take notice of her huge accomplishment.  

Playing sports and exercising in pregnancy has always been encouraged by the gynaecologists worldwide but not before cautioning on the dos and don’ts’. 

Doctors recommend taking up various sports like tennis, badminton, aqua activities like swimming without mounting much pressure on the body for few minutes daily, but only for those without any complications during pregnancy. 

Playing a little bit of sports in pregnancy helps pregnant women to become fitter, stronger and prepare to meet demands during labour and birth.  

Studies prove that taking up little physical activity in the form of sports reduces type 2 diabetes, risk of heart disease and some cancers. 

Playing low-intensity sports also keeps the body supple, helps in maintaining healthy weight and get good sleep.  

Sports and Trimesters:

Doctors and fitness experts recommend various sports depending on the trimesters.

For starters, the trick is to understand the needs of your body and to slowly increase the time. Do not take up new sports or strenuous activities that your body is not used to. Play sports only if you’re comfortable and only after overcoming the initial tiredness.

Talk to your doctor before you zeroing in on taking up your favourite sport and discuss if it is safe for you and the baby. 

The first trimester is the most important phase of pregnancy and it is important to avoid sports that involve running, lifting etc., Make it a practice to brisk walk at least for 1 kilometre daily as it helps in maintaining body weight in the initial stages. 

In the second trimester, baby is usually positioned upwards and is not protected by the pelvis. Avoid playing high impact sports like basketball, volleyball as there is a risk of falling or a ligament tear. 

The third trimester is again a crucial period, but talk to your doctor if activities like swimming, table tennis are still permitted. As the pregnancy progresses, avoid formal sports – instead take stairs, yoga, pilates under a well-trained instructor and aim for at least 30 minutes of intense workout. 

Sports to Avoid: 

Do not play those sports that would make you feel giddy, increase nausea and cause you to fall. Horse-riding, skiing, gymnastics, rugby, squash are a strict no-no in any phase during pregnancy.