Do you have your favourite pastime like redoing an existing flower bed in the garden, painting on those beautiful terracotta pots, splashing walls with graffiti or simply walking down the street capturing amazing moments on your camera? And does it make you feel happy?

Welcome to world of health with hobbies. If you have a hobby and you have the discipline of pursuing it periodically, it may be benefitting your health and mental wellness, more than you realise.

Whether you love signing, strumming your guitar, knitting, giving a makeover to old knick-knacks, hobbies can be deeply fulfilling and soul-nurturing.

Several studies reveal that pursuing favourite hobbies will provide a person with alternative space to spend time and energy and feel rejuvenated.

5 Reasons To Have A Hobby:

Enhances Creativity:

Most number of hobbies need creativity and coming up with new ideas gives a positive feeling. Creative hobbies are not just for fun as it provides us with an insight into our own personality, creativity and passion.

Builds Confidence:

Being good at something increases levels of confidence and learning new things is quite a rewarding experience. While pursuing a hobby seriously, we are not under pressure to perform but enjoy making the job perfect. It helps us to challenge ourselves, push the envelope following which you can also prepare for learning new things and make ideas work at a professional level.

Stress Buster:

Hobbies help us to refocus our mind and energies on something which we enjoy doing. If you love pursuing a hobby that involves some physical exercise like skating, cycling, it will release good hormones and can reduce levels of stress. Activities like painting, doing a garden help in calming the mind and prepare you for challenges at work place.

Improves Self Esteem:

Believe it or not, hobbies could be quite challenging as intend to do it perfectly. In the process, you may think creatively, get the mind ignited and can transfer your skills in making the activity work. Do you know, His Holiness Dalai Lama likes to fix old wristwatches and repair cars as a part of favourite pastimes? It improves self-esteem and will help us in including problem solving techniques in real life challenges.

Beats Boredom:

Hobbies clear you of boredom. A daily routine without any fun or productive activity can be very depressing, unexciting. A serious hobby practice can make you look forward for the day and fulfilling.