Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is a birth defect related to heart abnormalities. Sometimes genetic, it affects the heart walls between the left and right sides, upper and lower sides that may not have developed properly, causing back flow of blood into the heart.

Baby With Congenital Heart Disease

It can also cause high blood pressure causing leakage or closing in the valves during as blood flow alters the heart's ability to pump correctly, causing multiple health issues. 

CHD can vary from simple to complex types. Simple CHD does not appear with any signs and symptoms while complex may cause life threatening problems. 

Sometimes the symptoms are visible right after births, like in newborns. 

1. Blue coloured skin, lips, fingers, and toes

2. Shortness of breath

3. Difficulty in feeding

4. Low birth weight

5. Pain in chest

6. Slow growth 

The symptoms may appear years after birth may include, abnormal heart rhythm, dizziness, breathing troubles, swelling and tiredness. 

Causes For Congenital Heart Disease: 

Taking medications that were not prescribed during pregnancy can lead to a higher risk of CHD. Alcohol, drug abuse, viral infection during pregnancy, high blood sugar is also among the risk factors that can increase the chances of CHD. The treatment options for CHD may vary with the level of severity. 


Neonatal specialists, paediatric cardiologists will decide upon the treatment based on the child’s condition. The treatment options may include medications, implant devices, surgery and transplant.