A gassy gut is a common, painful condition and that can hit us any time. It can cause cramps, bloating, heaviness, burping, acidity in the stomach and can also lead to flatulence where excess gas gets accumulated in your intestinal tract.

Natural Cures for Gassy Gut

What Causes Flatulence?

Gases can get accumulated in the stomach through food and water where oxygen and nitrogen enter the body.

It can also get into intestines during digestion when gases like hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are emitted and get collected in the digestive tract. If not released, these excess gases can cause a lot of uneasiness.

Food items like beans, cabbage, legumes, cruciferous vegetables also result in gas formation.

Before seeing a doctor, help is available right at home. Try these wonderful home remedies for flatulence that will help you in the longer haul.


Fennel has powerful carminative properties that assist in releasing gas out of the gut. These little seeds work wonders in reducing various gastrointestinal problems and flatulence. It is very common and popular in many restaurants in India where sweetened fennel seeds are offered post food to help in digesting heavy meals and freshen the breath. Also Read: Digestive Disorders: 7 Ways To Improve Gut Health

Ajwain/Carom Seeds

Ajwain holds a major place in many Ayurvedic medicines and has potential health benefits. The presence of thymol in ajwain helps in secreting gastric juices that promote digestion. Boil water with half tsp of ajwain and drink this water after food to get instant relief.

Cumin /Jeera

Cumin is a common spice in our kitchen and has incredible health benefits. It functions well in promoting digestion and eases the problems related to it. The presence of cumin aldehyde activates the salivary glands which enable the digestion of food. In addition, an essential compound present in cumin is thymol which also promotes the secretions of bile, enzymes, acids all of which are very vital for the digestion of food. 


Hing functions as an anti-flatulent that prevents the growth of the harmful gut bacteria that produced excess gas in your stomach. Hing is widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in treating the Vata Dosha. Add about of half teaspoon of hing in lukewarm water to get relieved from curbing the gas problem.


Ginger is an effective carminative that helps in getting relieved of various digestive problems like bloating, heartburn, and flatulence. Ginger water is a great drink to soothe the digestive tract and alleviate the flatulence.