The world is gearing up for the FIFA final on Sunday evening. You don't want your food cravings to play spoilsport so make sure you have enough food to munch during the match. One can try out some lip-smacking snacks suggested by Yogesh Ghorpade, CEO, Uplodefoodie and Deepanshu Manchandan, CEO & Co-founder, Zappfresh that you can treat yourself to while cheering for your favourite team!

Quick Snacks

Here are some fun munches to get you and your gang through the exciting game


Burgers: If you talk about fast food, it is just incomplete without the mention of burgers, the epitome of fast food culture. Burgers are one of the most commonly found street foods and fast food throughout the country, all with different fillings and flavours. You can find a joint at almost every location and it would take you just minutes to order this delicacy. A combination of just bun, patty and a few veggies proves how the simplest of recipes can garner the most attention and affection!

Frankie/Roll: Frankie’s or rolls are an easy and convenient snack that are tasty and filling. Parathas filled with toppings from paneer to chicken to mutton and a lot of sauces accompanied by a dip is just the comfort food that we all desire when those midnight hunger pangs occur in between the eye gluing FIFA match. A must-have dish to tickle your taste buds.

Dimsum/Momos: If fast foods had a health revolution, Dimsum would be the one leading them. Simple Chinese translucent pillows filled with delicacies from veggies to a variety of meats, steamed to perfection and served with amazing dips, Dimsum is something we all love and we all crave, but when we don't want to gain any extra kilos.

The best thing about dimsums or momos is their availability, and minimum time preparation. One can imagine stuffing this amazing delicacy and cheering for their team.

Cheese fries: Who doesn't love fries? They make for, probably, the best use of potatoes ever. Fries come in all shapes and sizes, but those which come topped with a lot of cheese are the ones we all love. 

Pasta: Pastas, the white one, the red one, or even the mixed one, there are so many and they are all a blast of flavours. Battered in cheesy and tomato sauce, flavoured with exotic condiments and meats, pasta is a full meal. We even have our own version of Pasta in tandoori sauce available literally in every part of the city, proving just how much, we love our pasta!