Your feet help you get around, but have you gotten the right way to caring for them? It’s time to show some much-needed tender loving care to these often-ignored hard workers that carry you from point A to point B so that you can be a real mover and shaker.

Smelly feet, corns, cracked heels, ingrown toenails, fungal infections and calluses are not that unusual, as we spent a lot of time in shoes. The ideal way to keep your feet healthy is to follow a simple foot care routine. You don’t need to visit a parlour to have beautiful feet. By setting aside some time, you can fix those nagging feet issues.

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Pampering the feet

From The Experts

  • Moisturise feet regularly
  • Sleep with socks on
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Use cushioned in-soles for high-heels
  • Soak your feet in warm water for instant pain relief
  • Treat yourself with a proper foot massage

Here are five-foot care practices that help to keep your feet looking their best at all times:

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1. Exfoliate

Well, if you love exfoliating your face, why not show the same care to your feet as well considering the fact how dry and rough they tend to become. Scrubbing your feet helps to get rid of unpleasant calluses and also alleviates pain. Pumice stone is the best bet to strip away dead skin cells easily, as it is porous and coarse, with DIY foot scrubs of baking soda, brown sugar also being quite effective. Scrubbing the feet twice a week is ideal.

2. Moisturise

Once you are done with scrubbing, it’s time for some soothing moisturiser. This is one important step that helps to keep your feet well nurtured and prevents flaky feet. You can opt for intensive foot creams which are perfect to make your distressed heels supple and soft.

Pro tip: You can also apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly to the feet and heels. Cover your feet with cotton socks which help to lock in moisture while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

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3. Massage

No one can deny the pleasure a foot massage gives them when they get a pedicure at a parlour. However, it is also important to do the same at home as well. Beauty experts suggest that a foot massage goes a long way towards treating cracked feet. Choose the right techniques and oils to improve blood flow and relieve muscle aches. Massages are highly recommended if you have been on your feet all day long.

4. Trim Cuticles

Time to nail it. The next step is to trim the cuticles and care for your nails. Once you completely moisturise your feet, slowly push back the excess cuticles.

5. Mask

Foot masks are beauty products meant to be used liberally on the feet. On your off days be sure to use a mask on your face and feet to feel refreshed and pampered. As a foot mask dries out, it helps to detox the body, flush out toxins from the skin, improve circulation, eliminate foot odour and makes your feet look smooth, supple and moisturised.