Are you one of those who loathe visiting a doctor and the very mention of hospital gives you jitters? Well, many of us dislike and feel anxious about hospitals at some point of time in our lives, but if the fear worsens, it could be a phobia.

Fear Of Hospitals

Known as Nosocomephobia, fear of hospitals is quite common according to psychiatrists. Also referred as ‘white coat syndrome’, patients suffering from Nosocomephobia experience sudden spike in blood pressure, at the very moment of walking into hospital.

In few cases, Nosocomephobia occurs along with other fears like Tomophobia – fear of surgeries, pharmacophobia – fear of medicine, Iatrophobia – fear of meeting a doctor.

However, this phobia should not interfere with your medical care and discourage you from meeting doctor and getting the right medication. If you are suffering from Nosocomephobia, read on to know on how to get over this syndrome.

Believe In Your Doctor:

Trusting in your medical practitioner, his abilities and going by the prescribed medical advice would help in slashing down levels of anxiety. Being aware that you are under the care of an ‘abled doctor’ will help in taking control of the situation. Instead of feeling anxious, you would reaffirm trust, gratitude for the doctor, paramedical staff and others working in the hospital.

Make Up Your Mind:

Convincing yourself is one of the crucial steps in overcoming hospital anxiety. Know what your body needs and understand how a doctor could help in treating the disease. Believe that hospitals are the place to recover fully, listen to the nurses and other staff. Cooperate with doctors and other staff, eat prescribed food and take medicines on time.

Know What’s Ailing You:

Talk to your doctor or read about the health issue that is bothering you. Educating yourself about the disease, the line of treatment, medication, the process of rehabilitation could calm you down and relax. However, reading online may have its adverse effects. Do not look into negative stories, know that human body has the capacity to heal on its own and this feeling is self-assuring.

Seek Help:

If you are constantly worried about visiting hospital and trying to avoid visits, talk to your loved ones about it. Try meditation or breathing exercises as it alleviates worries instantly. Eat healthy, spend quality time with loved ones, read good books, get into creative hobbies and try to stay productive to ward of those unnecessary thoughts about visiting doctors.

Get Organized:

If you are checking into a hospital for a surgery, make plans for faster recovery. Pack your favourite books, movies, tissues, moisturizer and other regular essentials to make you feel at home. This will help you take your focus away from surgery and the anxiety associated with it.