Essential oils are all the rage right now. With organic, and vegan being buzzwords in the world of skincare, these pleasant-smelling blends being (quite effortlessly and rather conveniently) pure plant-based products have become a routine ingredient in beauty care regimens. Mother Nature has bequeathed us with a flourishing bounty of flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, barks, seeds and nuts, from which the essential oils are extracted employing steam distillation processes.

Up until now, you most likely assumed that essential oils were synonymous only with aromatherapy in spas, anti-acne creams, hair growth serums, massage salons and enticing perfumes.

Well, think again, for these organic concoctions are indeed the answer to rectifying a host of common body conditions like throbbing headaches, intense body pain, anxiety and blues and a stuffy nose, apart from elevating skin beauty and improving hair wellness.

Augment Your Skin, Hair And Entire Body Functions With Our Wide Array Of Essential Oils

Essential oil

Essential oils are the essence procured from plants via the steam-distillation method.

In case you’re wondering how we bring you 6 stunning benefits of essential oils that will leave you spellbound!

Lifestyle Hacks With Essential Oils For The Mind, Body, And Soul:

Improves Brain Functions

Lavender essential oil

Essential oils consist of strong aromatic compounds, that stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain to operate optimally, thereby boosting memory, mood, sleep and concentration and promoting mental wellbeing.

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How To Use? 

Take in a whiff of the warm, woody nutmeg essential oil to stay active and alert, or draw in a hint of the sweet floral lavender essential oil for a relaxing snooze.

Creates Fragrant Environs

Spicy cinnamon essential oil

Owing to the aromatic constituents in essential oils, they infuse your living space with a wonderful scent, instilling a joyful sensation and a positive aura.

How To Use? 

Pour 5 drops of the zesty citrus orange essential oil or subtly spicy cinnamon essential oil into a diffuser and turn it on, for a refreshing scent in the kitchen or a paradise-like atmosphere in the living room.

Relieves Body Pain

Jasmine Essential oils

When applied topically, essential oils permeate into the deeper layers of the skin, to remarkably soothe aches and reduce inflammation.

How To Use? 

Mix 2 drops of the minty eucalyptus essential oil or pleasing sage essential oil, with 6 drops of carrier oil like olive oil. Massage it onto the head, nose, arms, legs or even abdomen, to efficiently alleviate migraines, sinus issues, muscle sprains and menstrual cramps.

Delivers Relaxing Baths

Flower essential oil

Essential oils are blessed with scintillating aromas and potent antibacterial constituents, which work well together, to generate a calming, healing, and tranquil surrounding while taking a shower in the bathroom.

How To Use? 

Simply pour in 5 drops of the tangy, juicy lemon essential oil or the pleasing, earthy frankincense essential oil into a bucket or tub filled with water and soak in your body, for a cleansing, rejuvenating experience.

Minimizes Extra Frizz

Rosemary essential oil

Laden with emollients, essential oils visibly control dryness, detangle knots and smoothen frizziness, without leaving behind a sticky texture or greasy appearance to the mane.

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How To Use? 

Just blend in 10 drops of the rousing, herbaceous rosemary essential oil or the mild, foresty witch hazel essential oil with water. Store it in a spray bottle and dab it on rough, unruly hair, for instantly sleek and shiny tresses.