Ear infections – otitis media or middle ear infection are common in children and can also lead to temporary and reversible hearing loss.Ear Infections

It occurs due to either inflammation or fluid accumulation or both behind the eardrum. The fluid accumulation can alter the eardrum movement and middle ear bones, causing reduced hearing.

If the infection is treated properly, the hearing will improve. To learn if your child is having an ear infection, it is essential to know the symptoms. It's hard to identify the symptoms in infants due to verbal limit.

Ear infection commonly occurs due to viral infections, inflammation, and fluid buildup. Hearing loss occurs due to the blockage of sound from passing through the middle ear leading to temporary hearing loss.

The condition is common in kids, however, can occur at any age. There are no apparent long-term impacts of an acute ear infection if diagnosed and treated in time. However, if the chronic Otis media affects the middle ear for a longer time, it has a risk of reoccurrence and is likely to cause long-term hearing loss.

Signs & Symptoms:


Persistent pulling or scratching in ear

Slow response to sound

Bad temper

Oozing fluid from the ear

In older children the signs may appear as a persistent earache, heaviness in ears, trouble understanding conversation or voice recognition, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.


Both acute and chronic types of ear infections can be treated using antibiotics.