Life is all about multi-tasking and we women crave beauty products that not only have different uses but also take up very little time to apply. It's true, while most of us love to flaunt spotless, glowing skin while stepping out, we surely don't want to spend 40 minutes in the morning, in front of the mirror layering the face with one product after another to achieve that blemish-free, radiant glow, especially on work days. Beauty essentials that have multi-faceted uses are always catchy since they often furnish the added effect of 2-3 products, all in one go. One such versatile beauty essential that has created a buzz in the beauty world owing to its numerous uses is Tinted Moisturiser.

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What Is A Tinted Moisturiser?

 Tinted Moisturiser, as the name suggests is a lightweight moisturising lotion with a hint of colour in it just like foundations. These hued moisturisers not only mask minor imperfections with a mild coverage that’s not too heavy on the skin but also impart a slight hue to the skin depending on the selected shade.

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It is an ideal option for ladies who do not want to wear foundation on a daily basis but still prefer a dewy, spotless effect.  Additionally, a lot of tinted moisturisers come with an inbuilt good SPF factor with a blush-like effect on the skin. So, by applying a tinted moisturiser, you can not only get the effect of a foundation furnishing light to medium coverage and a moisturiser, offering hydration and nourishment but also the added benefit of a sunscreen and a blush.

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While the market is flooding with tinted moisturisers, with every other brand coming up with their very own products, if you are a DIY type of gal, then we’re here to let you in on a little secret. You can easily whip up your very own tinted moisturiser with easily available, cost-effective items right at home. All you need is your favourite moisturiser, a pinch of compact powder of your preferred brand and the hued powder to furnish the skin with innumerable benefits.

A Tinted Moisturiser, as the name suggests is a lightweight moisturising lotion with a hint of colour in it just like foundations.

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