Without a shred of doubt, we ladies literally strive to look our best and be presentable all the time. Be it for a date night for pleasing your bae, a casual outing with your gal pals or when you are presiding over a meeting at the workplace. No matter, whatever outfit you pick to bedazzle everyone or make-up products you use to get that ultimate glam finish, undeniably your look is never complete without a dash of colour highlighting your lippies.

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Yes, we get you woman, lipsticks are like our next best love. But unlike other make-up products, we don’t keep using the same colour every time we step out. The market is flooded with hundreds of distinct shades in different brands and varities and most of us often try having a huge stash of lip tints to pair with our outfits. However, in the long run, getting that perfect lip tint for every new outfit you buy, can be quite arduous and expensive.

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Well, if you are a fan of this incredible lip product, why not try your hand at making it yourself. With easily available ingredients right in your kitchen corner, it is a brilliant, cost-effective way to expand your lip tint collection that not only gives you freedom of choosing your own ingredients and colours but also protects your delicate lips from harsh chemical additives.

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So, what are you waiting for? Pull back your sleeves and get on into making your favourite lip shade right away!

Startling Homemade Lipsticks

Dynamic Red

Homemade Lipskicks Dynamic Red


1 tsp bees wax pellets

1tbsp shea butter

1 tsp almond oil

1 tsp beet root powder

1 drop of lavender essential oil

Lipstick tube


Melt the bees wax and shea butter in a double boiler.

Remove it from the flame and add the oils and beet root powder to it.

Pour the mixture in the lipstick tube.

Freeze it to solidify.

Now smear it on your lips before stepping out.

How It Works:

A woman’s makeup pouch is never complete without a brilliant hued red lipstick. For that ultra-glam look to rock a wedding function or a festivity, pair your ethnic wear with this dynamic red lipstick to be the center of attraction. While shea butter prevents chapped lips, almond oil keeps it moisturized throughout. The addition of beet root bestows the lipstick a bright red hue, whereas lavender essential oil exudes a scintillating aroma that lasts long.

Rosy Pink


1 tsp bees wax pellets

1 tbsp shea butter

1 tsp coconut oil

¼ tsp pomegranate juice

1 drop of organic pink food colour

1 drop of rose essential oil

Lipstick tube


Heat the bees wax pellets, coconut oil and shea butter in a double boiler.

Use a spoon to mix everything while it melts.

Remove it from the flame and add the essential oil, strained pomegranate juice and food colour to it.

Decant the mixture in the lipstick tube.

Put it in the freezer to solidify.

Nicely outline your lips and apply this rosy pink colour for that natural pink shade.

How It Works:

The rosy pink lippie is the ultimate hot favourite for most girls out there. Not only does it go perfectly go with regular casual wear but also with chic outfits. The presence of pomegranate juice gives your lips a nice natural pink colour, while shea butter and coconut oil not only prevents cracking and dry skin but also locks in the moisture, the rose essential oil bestows an invigorating rosy aroma to your lips.

Coffee Break

DIY Lipsticks: Coffee break


1 tsp bees wax pellets

½ tsp bentonite clay

1 tbsp cocoa butter

1 tsp sweet almond oil

¼ tsp organic cocoa powder

1/8 tsp of coffee powder

1 drop of cinnamon essential oil

Lipstick tube


Gradually melt the cocoa butter and bees wax pellets in a double boiler.

Remove it from the flame and add the essential oil, and cocoa and coffee powder to it.

Blend everything to get a smooth liquidy mixture.

Pour the mixture in the lipstick tube.

Keep it in the freezer for 2-3 hours to solidify.

Glide the lipstick on your lips before strutting out.

How It Works:

For those of you, who crave for a matte nude finish for the office party or daily wear, this warm brown shade is sure to please you. Although the cocoa butter keeps your lippies nourished and moisturized, the presence of bentonite clay gives a matte effect. While cinnamon oil helps impart a spicy fragrance, the addition of coffee and cocoa powder not only adds a beautiful nude brown shade to your lip tint but also bestows you with a delightful taste every time you apply.