You get all decked up for the Saturday night party, put on that shiny black dress, fix your last-minute makeup, brush your mane to get that gorgeous bounce and suddenly notice something on your shoulder that literally ruins your entire look. Well, those pesky white flakes on your black dress are nothing but Dandruff.

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Itching dandruff

What Is Dandruff?

Be it the scorching summer months or the chilly winter period, dandruff is a common scalp problem that plagues many people at some point of their life. It is chiefly characterized by the accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp in the form of itchy, white flakes. This flaky layer usually clogs the hair pores while inhibiting the hair to breathe naturally, weakening them from the roots and making them more susceptible to falling out. On combing or scratching your head, these flaky scales usually fall on your shoulders, eyebrows or clothes, creating an embarrassing situation and making you all the more conscious in public.

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While some chronic conditions may require medical intervention with prescribed medicines and medicated shampoos, if you are suffering from a milder version and want to go for home remedies try to understand the cause of the dandruff first. There are several factors that contribute to dandruff. Some of the internal and hormonal factors include dry skin, oily skin or seborrheic dermatitis, malassezia, chronic constipation, fatigue, stress whereas the external ones include frequent heat or cold exposure, excessive use of hair styling products, not enough shampooing and even pollution.

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So, now when you know why your scalp is flaking, if you want to try natural ways, do not worry, as we got your back. Rid yourself of itchy, flaky dandruff with these inexpensive yet effective hair sprays. Easy to whip and easy to apply, these hair solutions are sure to combat dandruff and bless you with soft, bouncy, gorgeous hair in no time!

Homemade dandruff-repelling hair solutions

Homemade Dandruff-Repelling Hair Solutions

ACV And Olive Oil Hair Rinse


1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbsp olive oil

10 drops of tea tree oil


Mix all the ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.

Shake it thoroughly and simply spray it on the scalp.

Massage well and keep it on for 2 hours.

Shampoo and condition afterwards.

How It Works:

The abundance of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in apple cider vinegar works wonders by not only eliminating the bacteria and fungus that causes dandruff but also restores the pH balance of the scalp and cleans clogged pores and hair follicles. While olive oil prevents dryness, itchiness and provides the much needed moisture to the hair shafts, tea tree oil evades several scalp woes, boosts blood circulation and stimulates healthy hair growth.

Green Tea – Lavender Hair Rinse


½ cup strongly brewed green tea

½ cup water

10 drops of lavender essential oil

2 tbsp coconut oil


Pour all the ingredients in a spray bottle.

Shake vigorously to mix everything together.

Make sections in your shampooed hair and spray it uniformly.

Massage the hair and scalp for 10 minutes.

Rinse with water and towel dry your hair.

How It Works:

Imbued with anti-oxidant properties, green tea is an absolute answer for all your hair woes. It not only banishes dandruff and strengthens the hair shafts from the roots but also prevents premature greying and hair fall, while making the hair shiny. Presence of coconut oil boosts blood circulation in the scalp and keeps them moisturized while the addition of lavender essential oil evades scalp infections, reduces production of sebum while bestowing an invigorating fragrance to your tresses.

Lemon And Lemon Hair Rinse


1 tbsp baking soda

5 drops of rosemary essential oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp almond oil

1 cup water


Mix the baking soda in water.

Add the other ingredients in it and give it a nice stir.

Pour the solution in a spritz bottle.

Part your shampooed hair and apply this rinse all over.

Massage for 10 minutes with your fingertips.

Wash off with cool water.

How It Works:

The gritty texture of baking soda grabs and scourges away the dirt and excess oil from your hair as well as the loose flaky skin cells from your scalp that cause dandruff. While lemon juice restores the natural pH level of the scalp and prevent bacterial infection, almond oil keeps the mane soft, hydrated and manageable. The addition of rosemary essential oil soothes inflamed scalp, triggers blood circulation and promotes hair growth and adds a natural luster to the hair.