Diabetic diet is a healthy-eating plan that's rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Key components are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In fact, a diabetic diet is the best eating plan for almost everyone.

Diabetic Diet Chart

Early Morning:

Tea / Coffee (with skimmed milk, without sugar)


Dhokla 3 piece /Dalia upma 1 cup / Poha 1 cup / Oats* Upma 1 cup / Millet dosa 2 Mint/Coriander chutney ½ cup, Sambhar ½ cup or Dhal ½ cup


Masala buttermilk 1 glass/Tomato Soup 1 bowl/Lemonade Salt 1 glass / Fruit 50-100 gram

Lunch: Brown Rice 1 cup/Foxtail millet 1 cup
OR Phulka 3
Sambhar or Dhal 1 cup
Green vegetable Curry or Sabzi 1 cup
Vegetable dry 1 cup
Curd ¼ cup


Fruit cut 1 cup/Vegetable salad 1 plate


Tea/Coffee (with skimmed milk, without sugar)
Mixed nuts (4-6 almonds &walnuts)/Boiled Legumes ½ cup/Multigrain Bread Sandwich 1


Roti 3/Wheat Dosa 3/Sabudhani Khichdi 1 cup /Dalia khichdi 1 cup
Vegetable Sabzi1 cup or Vegetable salad 1 plate
Legumes curry 1 cup or Dhal 1 cup


Skimmed Milk 100ml (without sugar)

*Instant oats or "quick oats" have a short cooking - as little as 30-60 seconds. Many "instant" oats have added sugar & flavourings and may also be high in sodium.

**Remember, the higher the level of processing, the quicker the speed of digestion, and the higher the glycemic index, a measure of how quickly blood sugar rises when eating.

Power Foods

Adding certain power foods to the diet help to lower blood sugar spikes and play a key role in regulating diabetes. Some of the foods that should be part of a well-planned diet regimen include

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, moringa leaves and other green are low in calories that come with an impressive nutrient profile. Furthermore, being low in digestible carbohydrates greens hold a crucial role in controlling blood sugar levels.


Cinnamon packed with vast reserves of antioxidants aids to control blood sugar surges. Evidence has also revealed that cinnamon works to reduce blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

Chia Seeds

These tiny little seeds boast dense nutrient profiles that are beneficial in controlling diabetes and managing weight. Aside from this, adding chia seeds help in slowing down the rate at which food is moving via the gut and getting absorbed. Additionally, it is also valuable in regulating blood pressure and inflammatory markers.