Physical exercises are fun and to get your dream body along with stamina – do it right!

Woman with knee pain after workout

Sweating out in the gym not only helps in gaining a chiseled physique but also ensures joint strength, fluid body movements and much more.

While working out, it is quite common for many gym-goers to do several minor mistakes in getting their body postures right. If not done properly, it may also cause severe pain, sprain and even fractures, warn experts.

The managing director and orthopedic surgeon of Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, lists out few common mistakes while doing exercises:

Letting your knees cave in: Knee injury while working out often happens due to applying enormous levels of stress, especially during weight lifting or squats. Ensure to bend your knees outwards to relieve stress and clenching the side muscles of hips will help the knees from buckling under the weight.

Don’t Raise Elbows too High: While working on a bench press, place your elbows closer to the chest to reduce stress on your shoulders and improve strength in the triceps. Raising elbows high will cause injury and stress on your shoulders.

Do small Lunges: Always lunge placing your ahead of the front foot by mounting pressure on the knee. Take wider steps and push the heel firmly into the ground while lunging and restrict the movement.

Bad neck positions: People tend to look down or straight ahead when doing squats, push-ups or deadlifts. It strains the cervical spine. Always point your chin down while squatting.