For many, coffee is that must-have drink to kickstart the day. A lot of people tend to keep sipping on too many cups of coffee. And like in any other food or drink, moderation is the key in case of coffee too.

Dr. P Basumani speaks about over consumption of coffee

How Much Consumption Of Coffee Is Considered Safe A Day?

The caffeine content in a cup of coffee varies. If the average cup contains 100 mg caffeine, then 2 - 4 cups a day is safe. More than 6 a day is probably too much.  

Discuss The Benefits Of Having Coffee?

A coffee bean is a seed. Like all-natural seeds, it too contains antioxidants. Benefits include reduced risk of the following conditions:

•    Alzheimer's disease (Dementia)

•    Depression

•    Parkinson's disease

•    Liver disease including fatty liver, cirrhosis and liver cancer

•    Maybe other cancers 

What Are The Major Pitfalls Of Having Too Much Coffee?

Caffeine is a brain stimulant.  So, one can become dependent and addicted to caffeine physically. Some get palpitations, over excitement and sleep disturbance.  

Recent Studies Have Shown That Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Lead To Heart Diseases, Please Discuss?

Studies on the benefits and risks of coffee are all observational. So they don't prove cause and effect beyond doubt. Some people metabolize (deactivate) caffeine slowly due to their genetic make-up.  These people may be at higher risk of heart disease if they drink coffee regularly. Also, people who drink coffee only occasionally may excite their hearts and get heart issues. Unfiltered coffee increases bad cholesterol; caffeine increases blood pressure mildly.  

When Do You Know You Are Addicted To Coffee And How To Get Over The Addiction?

If you develop headache, fatigue, poor concentration after missing regular coffee, then you are getting addicted to it. Also, if you drink more and more coffee to get a good feeling, that's another sign of addiction.

Drink no more than 4 cups of coffee per day. Skip coffee once in a while and drink fresh juices, tender coconut water or any other vegetable juice especially when you are not working or busy.  This will make sure your system does not get dependent on coffee all the time. Caffeine is also present in tea, soft drinks, and energy drinks.  

The Advice To Young Adolescents Having Too Much Caffeine To Stay Awake

While a cuppa can make you feel stimulated and focused to help you get more out of your reading, too much can swing the other way by sleep deprivation and impaired cognition. So, drink coffee sensibly.  Avoid it after early evening. 

Dr. P Basumani is a Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist, Fortis Malar Hospital