October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, the theme that is being followed worldwide this year is - Clean Hands Recipe For Health!

Clean Hands for Good Health

Of course, we all know that our health lies in our own hands as hygiene and good nutrition are an integral part of our lives and ensure well-being of every individual.

Hand washing is one of the simplest and easiest means to keep kids from getting sick and shield them from the bout of bugs. It is one of the basic hygiene routines to be followed and practiced by kids.

Teach your kids proper hand washing techniques at a very young age that enables them to lead a disease-free life. Do it together and make them learn how important it is to practice proper handwashing.

Proper Handwashing Techniques

1. Wet your hands with clean running water

2. Use soap and foam it for 20 seconds, anti-bacterial liquids will also help.

3. Ensure to rub soap into your fingers, on top of the hands and under the nails where germs mostly hang out. Remember to cover your wrist too.

4. Rinse and dry well.

When To Handwash

Handwashing should be a routine and practiced by everyone at home regularly and in the following situations:

Before cooking, eating and feeding kids

Every time after using the restroom

After dusting, mopping and cleaning your house

After playing with your pets or any animals

Before or after visiting a sick relative or a friend

After sneezing and coughing

After being outside (playing, gardening, playing with pets etc.,

Germs can easily spread in many ways – contacting infected person, touching dirty hands, through contaminated water or food, untidy surfaces and through droplets in the air blown out during a cough or cold.

When kids happen to encounter any of these situations germs get invaded by touching the eyes, nose or mouth. This spreads illness to the whole family in a matter of time.

Handwashing And Food Hygiene

Handwashing and food hygiene are set practices that ensure safety of food and prevents any food borne illness. As more than 70% of diarrhoea and other food borne illness are caused due to poor food hygiene. General hygiene routine to be followed in the kitchen are proper cleaning of utensils, proper storage and following the right reheating food method, boiling water and milk, and completing cooking the food.

So, spending a few minutes in the sink can minimize your doctor’s visit. So never underestimate the power of handwashing.