The mere mention of cinnamon conjures up images of piquant-smelling masala chai or peppery fragrant dum biryani, in which this earthy condiment is added, albeit in small portions, to impart a wonderful flavour and aroma. However, this exotic spice, native to South Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, also provides a therapeutic emollient obtained from its bark extracts known as cinnamon essential oil, which confers astounding merits for overall health. These include mitigating joint aches and muscle cramps, enriching skin texture and soothing topical infections, thwarting oral infections for healthy teeth and gums, besides improving low moods in anxiety, depression and relieving cough, cold, nasal congestion.
Cinnamons and cinnamon essential oil

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The purest form of cinnamon essential oil is prepared from the Cinnamomum verum species, the true plant variety grown in India and Sri Lanka. However, another type of cinnamon tree harvested extensively in China, as well as Indonesia, known as Cinnamomum cassia, is the chief crop utilised in making the tincture and made available across many countries in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia etc. The process involved in manufacturing cinnamon essential oil is steam distillation. The bark of the cinnamon tree is treated with industrial solvents such as ether and hexane, following which the extracts are processed under steam to derive the essential oil, which is highly concentrated.

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Cinnamon essential oil portrays a deep reddish-brown hue with a distinct zesty, earthy and mildly sweet aroma and is imbued with myriad phytonutrients that hold potent medicinal properties. These consist of cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, terpenes, which encompass a plethora of beneficial traits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial and antidiabetic. Blessed with several spectacular healing components and strong medicinal properties, cinnamon has been a key spice through the ages, being extensively incorporated into food, as well as used in the form of herbal powders and essential oils, to treat various health anomalies and enhance overall wellbeing.

Superb Wellness Incentives Of Cinnamon Essential Oil:

Remedies Cough And Cold

The overpowering scent of cinnamon essential oil is very useful as a decongestant, assisting in resolving common respiratory complaints of cough, runny nose, sneezing and cold. Taking in the vapours of slightly warmed up cinnamon essential oil clears phlegm and other unwanted mucous secretions trapped in the nasal passage and throat, to promote easy breathing and lung functions.

Elevates Brain Functions

Cinnamon essential oil is rich in terpenes such as beta-pinene and sabinene, which display tremendous neuroprotective characteristics. Inhaling the aromatic concoction aids in lowering stress levels, alleviating signs of depression, anxiety, thereby boosting mood, memory and concentration. Also, massaging a small amount on the forehead mitigates migraine headaches and enhances nervous system activity.

Treats Skin Rashes

Bestowed with fortifying antioxidant compounds, cinnamon essential oil is an ultimate solution to mend a host of skin infections, as well as repair tissues injuries and accelerate wound healing in bruises, cuts and burns. Thanks to its remarkable antimicrobial traits, topical application of cinnamon essential oil on the dermal cells rectifies bacterial and fungal skin conditions, diminishing rashes, redness and acne scars.

Eases Joint Pain

Cinnamon essential oil is laden with cinnamaldehyde, a powerful bioactive substance that possesses strong anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesic properties. When diluted with a carrier oil – 1 tsp cinnamon essential oil with 3 tsp olive oil and massaged onto hampered joints as in arthritis, osteoporosis, it effectively lowers swelling, relaxes tight muscles and provides instant pain relief.

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Uplifts Oral Health

Cinnamaldehyde, a highly beneficial organic component present in vast quantities in cinnamon essential oil, holds potent antibacterial and antifungal qualities, to maintain oral wellbeing. Gargling or oil pulling with coconut oil containing a few drops of cinnamon essential oil diluted in it combats Streptococcus bacteria and Candida fungus, which prompt cavities, plaque, mouth ailments, to ensure clean teeth and strong gums.