Ceramides are a type of fatty acids that are naturally present in skin cells and makeup around 50% of the outer layer of skin -the epidermis. These fatty acids hold an incredible role in promoting brain and nervous system development. In recent times, they have gained huge interest in the beauty care world owing to their remarkable skin healing properties. Further, ceramides are a key element in other cosmetic products such as shampoos, deodorants, and makeup essentials.
Ceramides for skin

What Is The Function Of Ceramides For Skin?

Ceramides are long-chain fatty acids that connect with other vital molecules to improve cell function and make a barrier to avert cell permeability. This restores moisture in the skin and avert skin dryness and irritation and safeguard the epidermis from environmental pollutants.

Though the skin is naturally made of ceramides they are depleted with the progression of age and extended exposure to pollutants and other external factors. This increases the risk of several skin disorders like dry skin, acne, wrinkles, and skin irritations.

Additionally, ceramides are attributed to have potent anti-ageing effects that help to fade away fine lines and wrinkles and makes you look youthful. Well, you may be able to lessen these effects by nurturing the skin with products containing ceramide, which helps to restore barrier function and offers you glowing and supple skin.

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Skin Healing Benefits Of Ceramides

Hydrates The Skin

Ceramide is credited to have numerous skin-benefiting traits, one of them being providing enduring hydration. It works by repairing the damaged skin cells, locking the moisture, and improving the shielding function of the skin. Further, ceramides work with other skin lipids to form ordered aligned structures and prevents trans epidermal water loss, thus promotes skin hydration and treats dry skin problems.

Preserves Skin Integrity

Good skin integrity is very crucial to keep skin healthy. The skin is easily prone to injury, exposure to toxins, and damage if the skin integrity is not firm and strong. Thus, to get resilient skin it is vital to maintain adequate ceramide levels. It works to hold the cells in the epidermis and binds to the intercellular matrix, thereby supports reinstating skin integrity.

Prevents Acne Breakouts

Acne is a common skin issue affecting people of all age groups. There are several reasons behind acne breakout and one of the reasons is the low level of ceramide content in the skin. Thus, supplementing the skin with ceramide helps to uplift skin barrier function and reduce acne breakouts making the skin supple and blemish-free.

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Promotes Skin Barrier Function

Ceramides are an essential component of the upper skin layer; the lamellar sheets present in the skin are beneficial in maintaining skin barrier function. Adding ceramide-based beauty products to your skincare regimen helps in enhancing skin barrier function. This functionality of skin is vital to maintain skin healthy and guards it against harmful environmental factors.

Lowers Skin Inflammation

Ceramides are best known to improve skin hydration and moisture that support healing irritated and inflamed skin. Further, it eases dryness, itchiness and redness caused due to inflamed skin conditions.

Delays Ageing

Ceramides hold an incredible role in rejuvenating skin cells from the inside out and keeping the skin young and glowing. They remarkably fade away wrinkles and fine lines by uplifting the skin barrier function, structural integrity and maintaining the lipid content of the skin. As the natural ceramide content of the skin gets imbalanced due to extrinsic factors and improper skincare regimen, it is essential to get it from potent skincare products containing ceramides.

Ceramides For Hair

Ceramides are also added to hair care products like shampoos and conditioners. They work as a conditioning agent, locks nutrients in and strengthen the overall hair health. Ceramide hair products may help to treat damaged, dry hair and boost hair appearance.