Camphor, scientifically known as Cinnamomum camphora is an organic compound that is solid, combustible and translucent and has a sharp smell and sour taste. This wonder ingredient is used in the preparation of ointments, creams and lotions owing to its indispensable medicinal properties.

Camphor is obtained from the bark of Cinnamonun camphora tree, only the aged camphor tree above 50 years old secreting a waxy substance is used to make camphor oil. The stem of the camphora tree is used to extract the camphor oil by the steam distillation process. The essential oil gets easily diffused in the skin when applied topically alleviates pain, irritation and rashes. The tree is a native of Hiroshima, Japan and also widely grown in many Asian countries, particularly Indonesia.
Camphor oil

Camphor has a magnitude of uses particularly as a vital element in making vapour rubs, balms and ointments as it aids in soothing pain and itchiness. The potent antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties promote respiratory health, heal skin disorders and ease the pain. Besides these, it is also used to keep the bugs like cockroaches and insects away from wardrobe and kitchen units.

How Does It Work?

Camphor oil works by stimulating nerve endings, thereby easing symptoms such as pain and itchiness when applied topically to the skin. It also exhibits potent antifungal property and treats infections in the toenails caused by fungi. While in the nose camphor oil creates a cold sensation, which makes breathing easier and comfortable by clearing congestion.

Read Through The Article To Know About The Wellness Benefits Of Camphor Oil:

Eases Pain And Inflammation

Camphor oil possesses strong germicide, insecticide and disinfectant properties. Applying camphor oil topically aids to alleviate pain and swelling, as it works as a counter-irritant in the skin. It makes the sensory nerve ending of the skin to feel numb, thereby easing pain, and inflammation and averts most of the skin ailments. Potent antifungal and antibacterial properties are beneficial in curing most of the common skin infections.

Improves Digestion Process

Camphor oil works as an effective stimulant that promotes the secretions of digestive enzymes and assists in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. It speeds up the metabolism, optimizes the absorption of nutrients, enhances the bowel movement and excretes the waste materials out of the system. The active compounds in camphor oil are also valuable in clearing gas build-up in the body and treat flatulence. Also Read: Gassy Gut Troubling You? Try These Natural Cures

Treats Nervous Disorders

The powerful analgesic and anaesthetic properties of camphor oil are valuable in treating nervous disorders. It is proven that direct application of camphor oil can result in numbness. Several studies have disclosed that camphor oil is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of nervous disorders like anxiety, convulsions, nervousness and epileptic attack.

Augments Lung Health

Camphor oil is a time-tested remedy for treating respiratory woes like nasal congestion, clearing phlegm, cough and cold. Simply inhaling the fragrance of camphor can clear the mucus and phlegm in the nasal tract, bronchi and lungs. Camphor oil is a key element in vaporizing rubs owing to its strong decongestant properties. Furthermore, camphor oil can also treat illness including measles, flu and whooping cough. Also Read: Respiratory Health: 5 Incredible Herbs To Boost Your Lung Power

Prevents Malaria

Camphor oil is the best natural remedy to prevent malaria, it functions in two ways - averting humans from contracting it when applied topically and when camphor is burned around the vicinity it kills mosquitoes causing malaria. Applying minimal quantities of camphor oil on the body can avert mosquitoes from biting you. Apart from these, notable disinfecting properties in camphor oil can kill disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses in the blood.

Additional Benefits

Treats Eczema

Camphor oil is beneficial in treating eczema in kids and adults and lessens symptoms like irritation and itchiness associated with eczema. Aside from this, applying camphor oil to the affected regions aids in alleviating pain and inflammation. Camphor oil is a key ingredient in several lotions and ointments, which are used in treating eczema.

Promotes Sleep

The distinct cologne of camphor oil has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and induces a night of sound sleep. The simplest way is to rub a few drops of camphor oil on the pillow to get a good night sleep.

Side Effects

Camphor oil is generally safe when used in minimal amounts to heal skin infections. Camphor oil products should never be used in open wounds or cuts because when it is absorbed in the blood can cause respiratory problems and also avoid direct contact with eyes. It is not safe to consume, as it may cause liver damage. Pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under two years should not use camphor products.