Calories In Fruits Fruits are made up of mostly simple carbohydrates, some proteins, and very little fat, certainly there are exceptions such as Avocado. The natural fruit sugars vary depending upon the type of fruit - bananas, figs, and mangoesare high in sugar and very sweet, whereas lemons, berries, are known for their tart flavour due to low sugar content. However, during a weight reduction program all simple sugars should be eaten in moderation. The food calorie chart given below will help you to choose the best fruit that fit into your healthy eating plan.

Apple1 medium80
Apricots3 mediums60
Avocado100 grams190
Banana1 medium110
Cantaloupe100 grams34
Chickoo100 grams94
Cherries1 cup70
Custard Apple100 grams104
Figs100 grams37
Dates5 pieces120
Grapes Black100 grams45
Guava100 grams66
Jackfruit100 grams88
Kiwi1 medium61
Lychee100 grams70
Mango100 grams74
Mosambi1 medium43
Orange1 medium53
Papaya100 grams32
Peach 1medium50
Pears1 medium51
Pineapple100 grams46
Pomegranate1 medium56
Plums100 grams52
Raisins¼ cup107
Strawberries100 grams77
Watermelon100 grams26