Food provides you with the energy required by the body to function normally and to stay healthier. The amount of energy provided by foods is measured in the form of calories. While it is strongly recommended to eat calorie-rich food, many of us wary about the weight gain. Also Checkout: Top 5 Super Foods To Achieve Weight Loss - Infographic

But do you know that certain food items are low on calories but provide the body with instant energy. Referred to as ‘free foods’ by the medical experts these items can either be food or drink containing less than 20 calories or 5 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Having said that, if any food with 10 calories per serving is consumed in huge quantities then it is never considered free or low-calorie food.

People on a weight loss regimen can indulge in free foods as the healthier option of snacks to fill the tummy and eat in moderate amounts without the fear of tracking the calories.

Most of the vegetables high in water and fibre content are considered free foods. These foods provide you with needed vitamins, minerals and fibre that facilitate to curb the appetite, prevent overeating and maintain weight. Check out the infographic for more details.

calorie free foods