When it comes to performing your daily exercise routine, you obviously engage in a variety of workouts such as planks, crunches, squats, to actively stretch every core muscle group from head to toe. But did you know that there is a single vigorous yet easy fitness regime that actually stimulates the motion of several important muscle groups in the system, such as the arms, shoulder, hips, abdomen and legs, simultaneously?

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Yes indeed, the burpee, a type of callisthenics workout that utilises one’s body weight for resistance, is an amazing strength training exercise that supplies outstanding health benefits including melting away belly fat, instantly burning calories and reinforcing cardiac muscles. What’s more, doing a burpee does not require any gym equipment or fitness gear like treadmills, dumbbells and ropes, making it ideal to carry out at any time and place – be it at home or work.

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This laborious exercise is designated after the famous researcher and physiologist from the USA, Dr. Royal H. Burpee, who is credited with inventing the “burpee” in 1939-1940, as part of his PhD thesis. It involves a squat thrust motion with an extra stand before every repetition and became popular when it was incorporated as a fitness test, to gauge the dexterity, coordination and might of recruits for the U.S Army. Burpees are a comprehensive high-intensity workout, like Tabata training and are an excellent way to build powerful core muscles.

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Foray through this feature, that describes the technique of performing a burpee and details its splendid merits for enhanced physical fitness.

How To Do A Burpee:
How To Do A Burpee

Burpees are a wholesome full-body workout, which comprise the plentiful benefits of not just one, but two types of exercise – aerobic and strength.

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The fundamental form of a burpee consists of four movements and is commonly called the “four-count burpee”.

Step 1: Stand straight on a level surface, with feet slightly apart.

Step 2: Bend and complete a squat position with both hands placed on the floor.

Step 3: With some momentum, kick both feet entirely back and balance upper body weight on both arms extended, like in a basic plank workout.

Step 4: Promptly come back to the squat position.

Step 5: Finish by standing back up erect.

Steps 2, 3 and 4 are referred to as a squat thrust.

Start slow and gradually increase the speed, force of this workout, by carrying out at least 10 burpees at a fast pace daily.

Incredible Benefits Of Burpees For Overall Health:

Accelerates Weight Loss

Burpees engage the muscle groups in the abdomen, hips and thighs and ensure they are routinely expanded and contracted. This helps burn massive calories and shed surplus body fat, particularly visceral fat in the tummy and maintain optimal body weight.

Uplifts Cardiac Fitness

Merely a 10 set rep of burpees in a day gets the heart rate going and aids in pumping healthy blood, oxygen, nutrients to other organs in the body. Also, this makes the cardiac muscles more robust and improves heart wellness.

Enhances Motion Of Limbs

Burpees involve the constant movement of the arms and legs, especially when performing more reps. This is a brilliant method to foster elevated flexibility of the limbs, besides expanding their range of motion and making them more agile and sturdy.

Increases Muscular Force

Muscle power is essential to perform many day-to-day activities smoothly, such as bending swiftly, lifting heavy objects and even climbing up a long flight of stairs. Burpees amplify lean muscle mass and deliver an energetic, tough core.

Promotes Lung Capacity

Integrating burpees into the regular exercise regimen supplies terrific advantages for respiratory wellness, preventing chronic illnesses like asthma, bolstering stamina. The high-intensity workout engages the pulmonary muscles, which in turn, ensures easy breathing and boosts lung functions.