A crunchy creamy nut from the forest of the amazon, Brazil nuts (Bertholletia Excelsa), also famous by other names such as para nuts or amazon nuts are a product of a tree from the ‘Lecythidaceae family. Native to the Amazon rainforest of South America, Brazilian nuts are a fantastic all-time snack loaded with an array of health benefits. Technically these hard-shelled nuts are a seed and not a nut per se, as the fruit contains a medium-sized seed. Replete with powerful antioxidants and dietary fiber these nuts are a rich source of one of the important components called selenium, which helps the body to boost metabolism, augment hormone production, and upkeep immune health. Consumption of these nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks while antioxidant properties alleviate severe inflammation of the body.
Brazil Nuts

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What Makes Brazil Nuts Wholesome?

Packed with several health-befitting compounds, Brazil nuts are known for being among the richest dietary sources of the essential mineral selenium. Selenium is a powerful component made up of vital enzymes and proteins which is essential for the proper functioning of the body besides helping in hormone production. The liver breaks selenium down into a Selenoprotein P- a type of protein that eradicates harmful free radicals. If the body is deficient in this mineral, it can lead to hormonal imbalances sleep disorders, mood swings, and reduced ability to concentrate. Obtaining selenium from diet or sometimes through supplements is crucial. Some cereals, whole grains, poultry, meat, eggs, brown rice, and mushrooms have a significant amount of selenium.

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Here are some healing health benefits that selenium offers:

  • It helps to regulate thyroid disturbances and aid the metabolism of thyroid hormones
  • It alleviates problems related to the respiratory system
  • It fights free radicals that can cause oxidative stress in the body
  • It helps the body to protect against cellular damage
  • It is also effective to combat problems related to reproductive organs
  • It improves cognitive functions and boosts the functioning of the brain
  • It protects the body against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • It may help to improve blood sugar levels

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Raw, cooked, or roasted, munch on these nutty nuts any time or add them to your favorite foods or beverages. Brazil nuts are all yours to be worked around in any way. A super nutritious ingredient to your recipes, whether you blend with smoothies or roast them for some delicacy, neither alter the taste of the dish nor do they diminish the nutritional value or become a calorie overload to your food.

So here we are, rounding up two five minutes yummy, easy smoothie recipes. The best part is just blending them without being very precise about your measurements. Add them to your breakfast menu and we bet you will love the idea!

Banana Brazil Nut Smoothie


400 grams of almond milk

1 whole peeled banana

5 Brazil nuts

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

1 tbsp cacao powder

Sugar, honey, or a few stevia leaves


Add all the ingredients to a blender

Blend until smooth

Pour into a glass and drink fresh


The super quick recipe has almond milk- a dairy-free milk option that is an excellent source of Vitamin E and manganese. Both are good for your skin. Potassium in bananas aids bone health. Cacao powder is rich in theobromine which can reduce inflammation in the body.
Brazil Nut Berry Smoothie

Brazil Nut Berry Smoothie


1 small cup of strawberries

1 small cup of raspberries

1 small cup of blackberries

1 cup raw Brazil nut

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 large cup of soy milk

1 tbsp honey


Add all the ingredients to a blender

Blend until smooth

Pour into a glass and drink immediately


A key ingredient of this beverage, Brazil nut is laden with several antioxidants and phenols that fight oxidative stress and harmful radicals. Berries, one of the healthiest foods are low in calories and high in Vitamins C, B2, and A, iron, and antioxidants. They help to bolster immunity. Blackberries are super high in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and powerful antioxidants that help the body to ward off illnesses and infections.