Nothing refreshes the body like a nice, warm shower especially after a hectic day at the work. And during winter, our body demands some extra care and pampering and it’s time to dab moisturizer and lotions generously to maintain it clean and supple.

But do you know that shower gels are as important as other skin care products in maintaining it healthy. In fact, these washes cleanse, moisturise and improve the skin condition.

These homemade body washes enriched with essential oils and natural herbal ingredients help to rid the skin of dirt and grime particles, excess oil, bad odour, and sweat and hence preventing inflammation, breakouts, and other skin infections. Unlike soaps, these creamy or gel-like preparations are not harsh towards the skin and keep the natural body moisture intact.

Want To Feel Refreshed After A Bath? Try Some Of Our Body Washes And Shower Gels

Just like face care products, there are different variations of body washes aimed to suit a particular skin type. Thanks to modern science and ayurvedic knowledge, you can have your very own personalized body wash recipe which you can formulate depending upon the skin you have. If you are one who is particular about what you put on your skin, try these easy to make DIY body washes:

DIY shower gels

Moisturising Body Wash (For Dry Skin)


⅔ cup of liquid castile soap

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

3-4 tbsp of jojoba oil

2 tbsp of lime juice

¼ cup of shea butter

1 tbsp of raw honey

5 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil


Pour the coconut milk into a mixing bowl and add the liquid castile soap to it.

Add honey, glycerine, shea butter, jojoba oil, and other essential oils to the mixture.

Mix all the ingredients properly.

Store it in a pump bottle and your body wash is ready for use.

How It Works:

Coconut milk, shea butter, lime juice, and honey all aim towards moisturising and nourishing the dry skin. Castile soap being the foaming agent causes the body wash to provide lather. The emollient properties of essential oils not only adds an extra aroma to the formulation but also soothes and acne-prone skin conditions. Also Read: Amazing Homemade Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Revitalizing Body Wash (For Oily Skin)


2 cups of liquid castile soap

3 tbsp of neem leaf extract

2-3 tbsp of honey

3 tbsp of glycerine

1-2 tbsp of bentonite clay

15 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops of tea tree essential oil


Boil the neem leaves in water and then filter the extract.

Mix the liquid soap with the herbal ingredients and essential oils.

Pour it in a bottle attached to a pump.

Use it on a bath sponge while bathing.

How It Works:

The concoction of glycerine, honey, and clay not only retains the natural moisture of the body but also prevents it from being too oily or greasy. The neem extract and essential oils used in the preparation prevents an invasion of bacterial infections and minimizes pores and limits the secretion of excess sebum.

Stimulating Body Wash (For Sensitive Skin)


1 cup of liquid castile soap

½ cup of shea butter

½ cup of almond oil

10-12 drops of rose essential oil

5-6 drops of lemongrass essential oil


Microwave the shea butter to make it liquidy.

Mix all the ingredients to it.

Give it a gentle swirl and transfer it to a pump bottle.

Your bath wash is ready for use.

How It Works:

The herbal ingredients used in this body wash recipe is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Shea butter and almond oil locks in the body moisture whereas the essential oils of rose and lemongrass prevent skin infections like eczema, body acne, and psoriasis. Also Read: 3 Amazing Ways The Goodness Of Rose Makes Your Skin Glow