Without a shred of doubt, the first thing that comes into most of our minds seeing a blackhead is to squeeze it out! Isn’t it true? Yet another drawback of being blessed with oily or combination skin besides having a sticky, oily appearance and bothersome acne, are the annoying blackheads. These bothersome black spots protrude every once in a while, to literally make our life a living hell, and totally ruin the beauty game, be it any event or outing.


Blackheads, are a build-up of oil, sebum and dead skin cells that essentially block the pores and get oxidized when they are exposed to the air and environment. Eventually, the build-up clogs up the facial pores and blackheads become more visible and prominent within a few days. Medically termed as ‘comedone’, blackheads are of two types: the open comedones or blackhead, and the closed comedones or whiteheads. Further, the blackheads often turn into painful acne owing to bacterial infection. Right from over secretion of sebum, pollution, sun exposure, build-up of cosmetic product residue, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle factors, blackheads can pop-up due to several reasons.

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Although, you might follow an elaborate skin care routine, but it is extremely hard to keep those pesky black spots around the nose, chin and forehead regions at bay. If visiting a parlour every now and then seems tardy or buying loads of cosmetic necessities literally burns a hole through your pocket, why not try some DIY home remedies in the form sheet mask.

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A sheet mask is one of the best ways to deep cleanse your skin. Not only do they tighten pores and scourge away dead skin cells but also improve blood circulation and make your skin gorgeous. With the right kind of ingredients in the sheet mask, you can also get rid of the blackheads and bestow a perfect radiance to your skin.

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What More?

  • Reduces size of skin pores
  • Enhances skin firmness
  • Boosts skin complexion
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Arrests the signs of ageing

So, what are you waiting for? Grab on a normal sheet mask and your apron to whip up these cool home remedies. We bring you 3 easy-to-make homemade sheet face masks, using the natural ingredients from your very own kitchen to get rid of blackheads and bequeath yourself with smooth, crystal-clear skin.

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DIY Blackhead Removing Sheet Masks

Egg-Lemon Juice Mask


1 egg white

2 tbsp lemon zest

1 tsp honey

1 sheet mask


Mix the ingredients to get a smooth paste

Soak the sheet mask in it

Spread it across the face

Wait for 20 minutes

Slowly remove it from the face

Wash off with cool water

How It Works:

This sheet mask is one of the best for removing blackheads and arrest the various signs of ageing all at once. While lemon juice heals acne and black heads and lightens marks and blemishes, egg white provides hydration and elasticity to the skin. The addition of honey removes excess oil from the skin while keeping it moist.

Charcoal-Gelatin Mask


½ tbsp activated charcoal powder

1 tbsp gelatin powder

3 drops of tea tree oil

Warm water

1 sheet mask


Use warm water to mix charcoal, gelatin and tea tree oil to get a smooth paste

Immerse the sheet mask in it

Carefully place it on your face

Ensure that it does not stick to the eyebrows, eye lashes and lips

Allow it to dry for 15 minutes

Slowly peel it off your face

Wash off with lukewarm water

How It Works:

This sheet mask is the ultimate weapon against those pesky dark spots on your T-zone. Being a detoxifying agent, charcoal helps unclog pores and makes the skin smooth and spotless, while the protein and amino acids in gelatin promotes collagen formation. The addition of tea tree oil prevents bacterial infection that leads to acne and also controls sebum production.

Turmeric-Sandalwood Mask


1 tbsp sandalwood powder

Pinch of turmeric powder

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 sheet mask


Blend the ingredients to get a homogeneous mixture

Soak the sheet mask in it

Place it on your face properly

Let it dry for 15 minutes

Remove it and wash off with cool water

How It Works:

Thanks to the array of antioxidants in sandalwood powder, this sheet mask not only prevents skin sagging and other signs of ageing but also fights blackhead and acne. While ACV exfoliates the skin, absorbs excess oil and unplugs blocked pores, turmeric diminishes blemishes and marks and bestows a glowing complexion.