They say age is just a number. Maybe in some ways, not entirely though. At some point, the body and the skin start to exhibit the bitter reality of life that we are ageing. As it strikes us like a lightning effect, we get on our toes looking for those ‘age-defying products’ that could slow the signs and help us look younger by many years. Well, they do have certain capabilities to diminish those ageing signals, but do not get swooned by their false claims and start imagining that you will become a twenty-year version of yourself by using them. However, the good part is that these products have powerful active ingredients that will delay ageing, make you radiant, and get you flawless skin. One such skin-friendly ingredient skin is bio retinol, a plant-based alternative to traditional retinoids that has been creating a lot of buzz in the skincare realm owing to its fabulous reparative and wrinkle-fighting qualities.

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What Is Bio-Retinol?

Wondering what is bio retinol? We all are aware of retinol- A powerful Vitamin A packed skin ingredient used in skin care. Likewise, bio retinol also known as Bidens Pilosa is nothing but a botanical compound and a distant cousin of retinol. Despite similar names, they are different from each other. While retinol provides numerous benefits to your skin and is more effective, it needs a tad bit of extra care after application. Unlike retinol, bio-Retinol does not contain Vitamin A but is an effective, plant-based, alternative that can benefit the skin the same way that retinoids do yet is relatively mild on sensitive skin types.

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How Can Bio-Retinol Be Added To Skin Regime?

Here are five effective ways how bio-retinol can be incorporated into your skin routine:

  • Bio-retinol can be used in sleeping masks due to its ultra-moisturizing benefits
  • Bio-retinol can be used in serum form to nourish dry skin and to keep it super soft
  • Bio-retinol creams can help to treat conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Bio-Retinol in form of facewash is an effective way to add to your daily morning and bedtime regime
  • Bio retinol can be used as a lotion to help promote the synthesis of skin-friendly proteins such as collagen and elastin

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An unorthodox, but skin-loving and non-aggressive component, be it skin healing, preventing breakouts, delaying ageing, moisturising, and cell turnover qualities, bio retinol makes it a go-to active ingredient for skin woes, and to alleviate the imperfections that start to show up on the skin with age.  If you seek a piece of advice from your dermatologist before adding it and go slow with it, we bet you will not regret it.

For all you skincare aficionados, if you still wondering why to add bio retinol to your skincare regime, scroll down the infographic to find out what can do you with this magic ingredient:

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