Have you ever felt small, minute bumps on your scalp while brushing your hair? Those are nothing but Scalp Acne, you felt and truly they are quite annoying. Acne is already quite a troublesome problem to deal with when it’s on the skin, but it becomes a lot worse when it is on the scalp. It makes brushing, shampooing and styling the hair quite difficult as the scalp feels itchy, irritated and painful most of the time.
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So, What Exactly Is Scalp Acne?

 Scalp acne or pimple is a form of folliculitis or inflammation of the hair follicles. From bacteria, fungal, or other infections, excessive hair oiling, poor personal hygiene, tight head gear, product build-up, to environmental factors, acne on the soft scalp tissue can occur due to several components. Just like the skin develops pimples when the pores get clogged due to sebum, dirt, grime or product residue, Scalp Acne also occurs for similar reasons, except it shows up either along the hairline or on the scalp. This acne usually develops in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, or nodules on the scalp as well as at the back of the head. While treating them becomes a little difficult owing to the hair but the good news is unlike facial acne they are well hidden, again because of hair.

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Well, as stressful as the problem is, if cared for at the right time, it can be cured right from the roots. While chronic condition requires medical intervention, if you are facing a mild to moderate form of acne on your scalp, worry not, as we got your back!

We bring you a 3-step hair regime using some easily available, cost-effective ingredients present right on your kitchen shelves. So, let’s not waste time and get on board the path of achieving soft, shiny and beautiful locks sans any scalp acne right away.

Step 1: Application Of Hair Oil

Neem Hair Oil


4-5 hibiscus flowers

10 – 15 neem leaves

3 garlic cloves

5 drops of neem oil

50 ml of coconut oil (cold-pressed)


Crush both the hibiscus flowers, garlic cloves and neem leaves and make them into a paste

Mix the plant paste to the oil and boil it in a thick-bottomed container

Boil it for a few minutes until it starts to fume

Allow the oil to cool

Add the neem oil to it

Strain it to remove the plant residue

Apply some of this herbal oil onto your scalp and and hair 

Massage with it for 15 minutes

Store the rest of the oil in an air-tight container for future use

After massaging the hair, take some time to provide steam to the scalp so that the oil seeps deep into the hair follicles and facilitates better treatment

How It Works:

The blend of coconut oil and neem oil is itself potent enough to improve hair growth and prevent loss of hair and dandruff. The addition of hibiscus flowers and neem leaves not only increases blood circulation in the scalp but also prevents premature greying and strengthens the hair shafts from the roots. The presence of salicylic acid in garlic cloves prevents bacterial and fungal infection at the follicles.

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Step 2: Shampooing The Hair

Almond-Tea Tree Oil Soothing Shampoo


1 cup of coconut oil

1 cup aloe vera gel

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

10 drops of tea tree essential oil

5 drops of jojoba essential oil

½ cup liquid castile soap

¼ cup distilled water


Take water in a thick-bottomed flask

Stir the ACV slowly in the warm water

Add the other ingredients one by one without the liquid soap to the water

Blend everything properly

Next, add the liquid soap and stir slowly to avoid foaming

Pour the shampoo in a container fitted with a pump

Take adequate quantity of shampoo to wash your hair properly

Stock the remaining shampoo in a cool place for future use

How It Works:

With an innate ability to restore pH levels, this shampoo infused with ACV is one of the easiest ways to treat scalp acne naturally. Imbued with coconut oil and aloe vera gel, this herbal shampoo moisturises the scalp and hair without making it oily and removes dirt and grime particles from within the follicles. The essential oils not only shield the scalp from other infections like lice, dandruff, etc but also adds an invigorating aroma to the tresses.

Step 3: Application Of Hair Pack

Banana-Cucumber Moisturising Pack


1 ripe banana

1 cucumber

1 tbsp cream

2-3 tbsp aloe vera gel

5 drops of geranium essential oil


Blend all the ingredients into a thick puree

Part the locks using a comb

Use a hair brush to apply it evenly onto the scalp and hair

Keep it on for 45 minutes

Wash off with a mild herbal shampoo

How It Works:

This moisturising hair pack is beneficial for both dry and frizzy hair. The presence of aloe vera gel and cream locks in the natural moisture of the scalp, whereas banana makes the hair soft, manageable and shiny. The addition of geranium essential oil prevents scalp infections while cucumber having alkaline trait maintains the scalp pH and hinders the growth of bacteria.