Be it a lazy day or to drive away those mid-day hunger pangs, a fistful of berries is all you need to make you feel energized instantly. Available in round, oval shapes in all hues, berries are like mindful eaters best bet, all thanks to their impressive nutritional profile.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and loads of digestive fibre, berries top the list of healthiest foods on the planet. Consumed fresh, raw and even dry form, adding berries to your daily diet reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of berries including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, cranberries, acai berries aid in effectively managing blood sugar, eliminate toxic substances from the body, strengthen heart functioning, reduce cognitive decline besides keeping you satiated for longer hours. High on Vitamin C, berries strengthen the immune system and shield the body from viruses and bacterial invasions.

Berries can be consumed in various forms. Top it on your desserts, squish into the juice, whip into a jam, sauce to reap the best of these sweet-tangy natural wonders. 

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Berries of all kinds are extremely high in antioxidants like anthocyanins that protect body cells from free radical damage thus preventing cancer. Berries are low on calories yet rich in several vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin C and manganese. 

What’s more? Berries are sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free and a low-calorie snack that can be munched at any time of the day. Being an excellent source of fibre, berries slowdown the absorption of sugars into the blood stream thus preventing sudden spike of glucose.

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Juicy Berries For Super Health