Whether you are heading to work on a Monday morning or attending a party over the weekend, makeup is an integral part of getting ready.

Of course, with influencer game at its peak, videos on YouTube and reels on Instagram providing detailed instructions on how to get every possible look right – be it rosy pink cheeks, vibrant red lips, a pop of neon on the eyelids, or a subtle nude look, your makeup skills need instant an upgrade, now!

But why? Whilst traveling, or after a couple of hours indoors, the cosmetics applied on the face gradually begin to fade or smudge, owing to hot weather, strong winds, rampant dust, constant movement or mere sweating.

Believe in yourself! You possess the sleight of hand, are quite talented and creative in dabbing on your beauty products, as makeup is, after all, an art. And you being the artist, need your tools with you, to correct any minor imperfections that may arise due to certain unavoidable and unexpected factors, such as a sudden spell of rain in the midst of summer!

And what’s more? Be it sweltering summer, those nip in the air days, these basic beauty tools help fix your looks, in a jiffy. More questions, on how to carry these items in your handbag?

However, whilst traveling, or after a couple of hours indoors, the cosmetics applied on the face gradually begin to fade or smudge, owing to hot weather, strong winds, rampant dust, constant movement or mere sweating.

Relax, you only need these five handy items. Trust us, they come in conveniently small travel sizes and easily fit into even the tiniest of makeup bags! You are good to go! Anytime, Any day!
Here is all you need -  Eyeshadow brush, foundation sponge, eyelash curler, 3D blender and compact mirror

Fundamental Makeup Tools To Add To Your Cosmetics Kit:

1. Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Eye makeup is a rather important aspect which can make or break the overall look of the face. And while applying the base, primer, blending in contrasting shades helps in creating a dramatic look, the colours only make a statement when the eyeshadow creams and powders are all in place. An eyeshadow brush aids in removing any excess elements from the eyelids in a clean manner, besides rectifying the overflow at the sides of the eyes.

2. Foundation Sponge

Foundation Sponge

Base creams and foundations are the building blocks of all makeup looks. They visibly diminish wrinkles, fine lines and all signs of ageing, as well as cover those dark spots, acne scars and sun tans, to supply a flawless complexion. So obviously, dried patches of flaky powder or unblended liquid creams is a strict no-no. A soft foundation sponge comes to the rescue here, as it does away with any irregularities in the face because it is super absorbent.

3. Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

Flaunting long, thick lashes with a carefully applied coat of mascara is every girl’s dream, for it perfectly complements nicely done eyes, with colourful eyeshadow palettes, smoky or winged eyeliner and deep black kajal. The eyelash curler is indeed a magic wand for your lashes, assisting in arching the lashes at a curved angle and giving them an extra “oomph” when you apply mascara.

4. 3D Blender

3D Blender

Contouring is the in-thing now and what with a horde of beauty influencers, from renowned celebrities to enthusiastic teenagers getting behind it, this step is a significant part of makeup routines. Combining the layers of facial makeup – foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer, is key to achieving an even skin tone and a stunning look. The 3D blender, with a flat side and an angled edge is the perfect accessory to correct any flaws in the face.

5. Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror

After all, in the middle of an important client meeting in the office, or while socializing and exchanging gifts at a get-together, how could you possibly know if your makeup is all intact without any imperfections or smudges. The compact mirror is necessary for every woman at all occasions, since it has two mirrors, one which magnifies the face to help correct any makeup flaws and another normal one, to take one last look, and ensure that you are all set and appear selfie-ready.