Have you experienced a feeling of undue tiredness and weakness not just at the end of the day after working like a log, but in the afternoon as well, or even right from the morning? Well, in present times, whirlwind schedules tend to keep people of all age groups busy round the clock, no matter if you are a working professional, student in school/college or a full-time stay-at-home parent. So, it comes as no surprise that individuals encounter physical and mental exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome and often feel the need for a shot of energy to keep them going and finish all their office projects, course assignments and routine chores at home.

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Of course, a cup of piping hot coffee or a glass of a chilled energy drink will instantly activate the mind and body and help bolster endurance. However, these beverages contain a high amount of caffeine and sugar and hence, must not be consumed frequently or in large amounts. Fret not, for Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of medicine, houses tomes of valuable herbs that encompass proven merits in beating fatigue, alleviating pain and enhancing bodily energy levels. These time-tested herbal remedies promote physical fitness and mental wellness, thereby lowering the risk of disease and safeguarding overall health.

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Herbs to uplift energy and stamina

5 Astounding Herbs To Uplift Energy And Stamina:


Scientifically termed Withania somnifera, ashwagandha is a brilliant natural energy booster that augments strength and vitality in the body. Packed with potent antioxidants that possess cardiotonic and anti-inflammatory properties, ashwagandha immensely increases heart functions and muscle power for improved energy and metabolism.


Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil and having the botanical name Ocimum tenuiflorum, is a plant revered for its spiritual and religious significance in India. However, this amazing herb is imbued with plant-based bioactive compounds that deliver immune-boosting, stress-relieving and mood-enhancing effects, making it a wonderful adaptogen for a fit body and a sound mind.

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Brahmi, designated with the scientific name Bacopa monnieri, is touted as an excellent natural memory-booster since time immemorial. A storehouse of phytonutrients that showcase neuroprotective qualities in brahmi make it a marvellous herb for uplifting concentration, brain power, that even slows down memory loss due to ageing and keeps the mind alert and active.


Amla, bearing the botanical name Phyllanthus emblica, is a panacea for a host of health problems ranging from cough, fever, joint pain to diabetes and heart ailments. Amla juice comprises a treasure trove of beneficial nutrients – vitamin C, antioxidants of quercetin, polyphenols that not only function as antioxidants, protecting the body cells and tissues from free radical damage, but also bolster metabolism and stamina in the system.

Safed Musli

Bearing the scientific name Chlorophytum borivilianum, safed musli is synonymous with increasing stamina for improved sexual performance and reproductive health in men and women.  Moreover, the wealth of plant-based components in this powerful herb promotes muscle mass and enhance physical fitness.