Avipattikar Churna is an Ayurvedic medicine used for treating conditions that affect the normal functioning of the digestive and excretory system. It neutralizes the acid secretion in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes the production of digestive enzymes which aid in the absorption of nutrients.

Avipattikar churna possesses strong carminative, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in curing imbalances related to pitta dosha. It is beneficial in treating digestive problems including diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, heartburn, indigestion and ulcers. Avipatti in Ayurveda means to get rid of digestive disorder.

Ways Avipattikar churna treats your Gut problems

The Key Ingredients:

Avipattikar churna contains the following herbs amla, behada, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, haritaki, Indian bay leaf, long pepper, nut grass, turpeth, mishri and vidanga. All these ingredients are dried and powdered into a churna.

How To Make Avipattikar Churna?


Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) - Terminalia Chebula   

Bibhitaki (Bahera or Beleric Myrobalan) – Terminalia Bellirica   

Amla (Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry) – Emblica Officinalis  

Sonth (dried ginger) - Zingiber officinale   

Kali Marich (Black Pepper) - Piper Nigrum

Pippali (Long Pepper) - Piper Longum  

Ela (Green Cardamom) – Elettaria Cardamomum  

Tejpatta (Indian Bay Leaf) – Cinnamomum Tamala

Laung (Clove) – Syzygium Aromaticum   

Mustaka (Nut Grass) – Cyperus Rotundus  

Vaividang (False Black Pepper) – Embelia Ribes

Nishoth (Turpeth) – Operculina Turpethum 

Misri (candy sugar – crystallized sugar lumps)


Wash the herbal ingredients and sundry them completely to remove moisture.

Powder the herbs and sieve them to remove impurities and solid particles.

Mix everything together and again dry to remove all moisture.

Store it in a glass container for future use.

Usage of Avipattikar Churna:

Avipattikar is generally taken twice daily before food either with luke warm water or ghee or honey. It can also be consumed along with coconut water or a glass of mildly cold water after meals, to ease the absorption and processing of food components. Always adhere to the dosage recommended by the ayurvedic doctor or healthcare expert, depending upon the nature of gastrointestinal or kidney conditions.

Avipattikar Churna Health Benefits:

1. Cures Indigestion

Avipattikar is an excellent ayurvedic medicine that treats problems related to indigestion. The powerful churna stimulates the metabolism and controls the excess production of acids in the stomach. Conditions of excess acids in the stomach lead to incomplete breakdown of food particles and also results in bloating and stomach cramps. The wonderful trait of avipattikar churna in neutralizing the surplus peptic acids and maintaining healthy pH in the gastrointestinal tract promotes gut health.

2. Treats Gastritis

Gastritis is typically caused due to the inflammation of the intestinal lining that leads to abdominal pain, severe gut problems and burning sensation. The natural healing properties of avipattikar churna clears out the acid from the intestine and boosts up the gut health and prevents further problems. Moreover, it also holds significant anti-inflammatory properties and hence effectively pacifies the aggravated and swollen gut tissue layer.

avipattikar churna

3. Prevents GERD

Avipattikar churna is strongly recommended for providing symptomatic relief from Gastroesophageal reflux disorder. GERD irritates the lining of food pipe due to backflow of stomach acid that results in heartburn, throat pain, chest pain and sour taste. Avipattikar churna works amazingly well in treating GERD, by ensuring the unidirectional passage of food from the stomach to intestines. Thus, it efficiently relieves pain and uneasiness experienced in instances of heartburn.

4. Kidney Health

Evidence has proven that avipattikar lowers the risk of UTI and kidney problems by promoting the kidney function. In addition, avipattikar churna has shown a positive outcome in eliminating kidney stones and hinders oxalate deposition which helps to get rid of urine salts like calcium and oxalates. In addition, this churna can treat nephritis by lowering inflammation of kidneys, glomeruli, tubules and interstitial tissue.

5. Fights Inflammation

The strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of avipattikar churna fights free radical damageand reduces inflammation that alleviates pain and swelling. Particularly in those suffering from a  difficulty in urinating due to an enlarged prostate or enflamed tissue, avipattikar churna’s intrinsic potential to reduce the symptoms of discomfort and soreness aids in regulating bladder movement.

Side Effects:

Avipattikar churna is not recommended for use in pregnant women as well as those suffering from diarrhea.


Avipattikar Churna has immense benefits in healing various conditions in the stomach, intestines as well as in the abdominal tissue and kidneys, such as gastritis, indigestion, heartburn, kidney stones and difficulty in urination. The marvellous benefits of this potent ayurvedic concoction will prove to be efficient, provided the appropriate dosage is taken and it is not consumed in excess.