Basal Body Temperature, known as the lowest body temperature recorded during sleep is one of the popular ways to estimate ovulation.

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Also known as natural family planning, an accurate basal body temperature helps in tracking down your ovulation time and in conceiving.

A woman will be more fertile 2 to 3 days before the body temperature at rest starts rising. Regular tracking on BBT on these days will give a fair idea of ovulation and may help you understand when you’re most likely to conceive.

If you are planning to avoid pregnancy, measure BBT and avoid having unprotected sex during the period of ovulation.

Why Should You Measure BBT?

Measuring BBT is the most effective and cheaper way to predict fertility that help in estimating the right days to have or avoid unprotected sex.

It is also a cool method to detect pregnancy. A rise in BBT even 18 days after ovulation is an indicator of early pregnancy.

However, measuring BBT needs a little bit of diligence as it should be done very accurately. 

How To Measure BBT?

  1. Take your oral body temperature by using a regular thermometer, digital thermometer or those specifically designed to measure basal body temperature. 
  2. Make sure you got three hours of uninterrupted sound sleep prior to taking the temperature. 
  3. Record BBT on a paper and observe the pattern. BBT increases by ½ degree Fahrenheit when you ovulate. Slightly high temperature remaining steadily high for 3 consecutive days is a sign of most fertile period. 
  4. If you’re planning to get pregnant it’s the time to have sex. If you don’t want to conceive avoid having unprotected sex. 
  5. If you are hoping to conceive keep measuring BBT even after ovulation days. If temperature remains high for next 18 days, you might be pregnant. If you have not conceived, BBT dips 2 to 3 days before the start of next period. 

However, several factors like fever, stress, work timings, interrupted sleeping, alcohol, gynecological disorders and certain medications may interfere with basal body temperature.

Talk to your doctor on the right way to measure your BBT and stick to a schedule for better results.