Sandalwood essential oil is perhaps the most fragrant of all oils and is extensively used in beauty, health and in rituals. Sandalwood oil possesses a distinct mild earthy aroma and plays a vital role in healing various skin conditions.

Health Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

This fragrant oil is super rich in naturally occurring chemical compounds called sesquiterpenes, which is highly valuable in improving health and well-being.

Sandalwood oil and paste are widely used in medicines, skin and beauty products, mouth fresheners, incense sticks, deodorants, lotions, perfumes etc., The health benefits of sandalwood oil include - improving the digestion, relieving the symptoms of anxiety and controlling various emotions like pleasure, power, and hunger.

Top Benefits of Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood oil works as a great antiseptic agent that is safe and effective for using both externally and internally. Applying sandalwood oil externally can treat acne, sores, boils, and pimples progressing into an infection or becoming septic.


Sandalwood oil and paste are very effective as strong anti-inflammatory agents. Evidence suggests that sandalwood oil exhibits a soothing cool affect and provides instant relief from inflammation in the brain, gastrointestinal, nervous, circulatory and excretory system due to fever, overdose of antibiotics, insect bites or wounds. 

Natural relaxant

Sandalwood oil has a great potential to work as a natural relaxant and sedative against spasms. Studies show that sandalwood oil relaxes nerves, muscles which cures the spasms and contractions. In addition, it is effective in treating cramps, cold and aches. Sandalwood oil relaxes the intestinal and abdominal muscles, promoting gas removal and prevents excess gases from forming.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The presence of a hypotensive agent in sandalwood oil helps in lowering the blood pressure. Edible sandalwood oil can be taken with milk or other liquid to regulate the blood pressure. It functions well to lower hypertension even when it is applied externally.

Lower Stress

Sandalwood oil is known to promote calmness. The warm and refreshing woody aroma of the oil helps you relax and pacify your mind. This is one of the best essential oils that eases to keep your emotions under control and promotes harmony and peace. Rub sandalwood oil in your wrist, ankles or inhale it directly to lower stress and anxiety.