Do you always feel tired, weak, dull and do not feel like getting up from your bed? Well, your body is trying to send signals about some underlying health condition!

Tired Woman

Fatigue or lack of energy is the most common problem faced by many of us and if you are one of those wondering what’s causing that frequently, address it right now!

Constant fatigue can be caused due to lot of reasons from insomnia, medication to certain health conditions.

Here are more possible reasons on why you could be feeling so low on energy.

Lack of Sleep: Insomnia or lack of sleep could be the primary reason on what’s making you feel so tired. If your doctor rules out you, being an insomniac, keep stress levels under check. You would need an average of 8 hours sleep per day but get more nap time to gain some good levels of energy.

Depression: Depression causes several changes in the body affecting both physical and mental issues caused due to mood regulating chemicals called neurotransmitters. If you are suffering from depression, it causes symptoms like extreme sadness, changes in appetite, guilt, suicidal tendency and these in turn can make you very feel tired and overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is a common condition where thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone. The levels of thyroid control your metabolism and can cause symptoms like extreme tiredness or fatigue, weight gain and chills. Get a thyroid test done if it could be the reason and speak to your doctor for the medication.

Cardiac Ailments: Heart related issues are very serious as they make you feel tired all the time. Serious heart ailments make heart pump less oxygenated blood to the muscles and tissues. Cardiac related ailments can make very simple jobs like getting out of the chair, walking, very difficult. It also causes palpitations, fainting, shortness of breath etc. If you have any of these symptoms coupled with extreme fatigue, see an expert cardiologist immediately.

Hepatitis: Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused due to infections and sometime obesity. Liver is a vital organ that regulates many functions like breaking down toxins, body metabolism, producing proteins that cause blood clotting and a lot more.

Hepatitis can interfere with these important functions in turn causing severe tiredness, lack of interest in doing certain tasks. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from abdominal pain, nausea, dark yellow urine and pale stools.

Diabetes: Diabetes is perhaps the most common problem behind feeling fatigued all the time. Diabetes prevents pancreas from producing enough insulin and stopping it from entering into the body cells for energy production. If you are feel constant tiredness and also suffer from extreme hunger, sudden loss of weight, tingling sensation in hands and feet etc., get tested for diabetes.