While the change of seasons might be a pleasant sight to some, for others it is of great distress as they fall prey to numerous types of allergic conditions. From inflamed itchy skin, redness of the eyes, runny nose, blocked sinuses, watery eyes, sneezing, a scratchy throat, coughing fits, swelling of the face and neck, headache, skin blisters, fatigue, and even asthma attacks – the symptoms of seasonal allergies are quite dreadful.

Medically denoted as Hay fever, Allergic rhinitis is a familiar allergic condition that chiefly occurs when a person is exposed to certain allergens or foreign particles that crop up during seasonal change. These allergens vary from pollen drizzling from flowers, blooming plants, the latex of flowers or fruits, direct sunlight, certain insects, dust mites, mould, grasses, animal dander, dust and dirt. Sometimes, allergic rhinitis can also appear due to unhealthy dietary preferences, stress, and environmental components.

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When the human body abruptly gets exposed to these allergens, the body's immune system mistakenly believes these allergens as some foreign body and tries to shield itself from them by producing antibodies in the blood. The antibodies in turn release histamines that are the sole reason behind the development of the allergic symptoms.

Although sudden allergic rhinitis or a severe form of an anaphylactic reaction is usually dealt with prescribed antihistamines, corticosteroids or decongestants which are either consumed or injected depending upon the severity, if you are suffering from a mild form of it, trust us, there is a more conventional remedy that naturally manages these allergies sans any side effects. Cue in Essential Oils concentrated extracts obtained from plants and flowers that are a sure way to boost immunity and alleviate allergy symptoms all at once.

How To Use Essential Oils?

Though the most popular way of bathing in the benefits of essential oils is via smelling them; a process that is known as Aromatherapy, which chiefly works by stimulating the body through the sense of smell. Other techniques for utilizing Essential Oils include:

  • Dispersing or diffusing them into the air
  • Utilizing them through bath and spa products
  • Smearing the diluted form directly onto the skin

Foray through this infographic to find out about five such essential oils that help fight inflammation and provide relief from allergies.
5 Incredible Essential Oils To Remedy Allergic Rhinitis