Acidity is a common condition caused due to the accumulation of excess acid in the stomach and it occurs due to backflow of acids into the food pipe.Acidity Causes

Acidity is also caused due to overproduction of gastric juices in the stomach. People with drinking habit, obesity, eating non-vegetarian food are prone to developing acidity.

Menopause, pregnancy, and other medical conditions like a hernia, and diabetes are the associated risk factors with acidity. Stress, lack of sleep, medicine side effects, unhealthy food habits, overeating can also cause acidity.

Heartburn is the most characteristic symptom of this condition.

Other Signs And Symptoms:

Stomach inflammation

Throat inflammation

Trouble during swallowing


Bad burps



Bad breaths


Sour taste in mouth

Acidity also occurs due to co-morbid complications like, severe abdominal pain, gastric ulcers, cancer, excess vomiting.

The treatment may vary based on the severity of the condition. Acidic conditions can be reduced by changing eating habits and avoiding oily and spicy food.

A doctor can prescribe antacids to counter the effects of acidity. In severe cases, vagotomy is performed to reduce acid production in the stomach.

However, the most recommended way is to improve lifestyle and dietary habits.