The sweltering hot summer season has arrived in all its ferocity. With daytime temperature soaring sky high, people are resorting to various alternatives to beat the scorching heat and stay hydrated through the day. While many fancy beverages occupy our refrigerator brackets, there isn’t any dearth of homestyle methods to create smoothies and coolers that invigorate the mind and cools the body. One of the simplest, refreshing and yummiest of them is Aam Panna. Also known as Ambiya, this delectable summer drink is made from tender raw mangoes. Refreshing, soothing and nutritious, it is savoured in north and western India. Well, summer season and a fresh mango-made beverage to sip on, a hot summerish day can’t get any better and any cooler!

Nutritional Content of Raw Mangoes

More than one thousand varieties grown in India, Mangifera indica better known as mango arrived in India 5000 years back. It is not only delicious, but also loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, E, B-6, potassium, magnesium, iron and fibre. However, mango contains a lot of sugar hence it should be eaten in moderation. Besides being a good source of folate, mango is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free!

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Health Benefits Of Drinking Aam Panna:

Combats Liver Disorders

Raw mango helps in the secretion of bile acid which helps in liver cleansing by removing harmful micro-organisms.

Augments Elasticity Of Blood Vessels

Unripe tender mangoes a replete with Vitamin C, that aids in increasing elasticity of blood vessels and treating blood disorders. Besides mango drink aids easy absorption of iron.

Boosts Immunity

Powerhouse of folic acid, minerals as well as all the vitamins, mango is an effective immunity bolster. Drinking Aam Panna is effectively builds body resistance and strengthens immune system to fight all kinds of illnesses.

Prevents Gastrointestinal Problems

Mango contains pectin that is very effective to combat stomach problems. It reduces constipation and aids digestion. Therefore, even people suffering from acute constipation or piles can safely consume this beverage.

Fights Heat Strokes

Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and iron, mango drink is as good as a health tonic as it can help one recover from acute heat stroke that might have caused loss of sodium chloride and salts from the body.

Reduces Heart Inflammation

Mangiferin is a polyphenol compound extracted from mango, that can reduce inflammation of the heart, maintain cholesterols and is useful in various treatments of cardiovascular diseases.

Isn’t it amazing that by consuming Aam Panna, you can nourish your body with these vital nutrients and protect yourself from heat-related ailments. What are you waiting for? Here are two easy recipes to relish Aam Panna to get quick respite from sultry summer’s heat.

Jaljeera Masala Aam Panna
Aam Panna


1 big raw mango

2 tsp of jaggery

1 tsp jaljeera masala

Rock salt to taste

10 mint leaves

Ice cubes as required


Boil mango in a cooker

Turn off the flame after few whistles and let it sit

Once it cools, remove the lid, peel the mango skin and separate the pulp

Add jaggery, salt and mint leaves to the pulp

Add some water and grind in a mixer

Using a sieve, pour the panna into a glass, add jaljeera masala and water if needed

Ice cubes can be added


Mango pulp is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Jaggery has minerals such as zinc and selenium that prevents free-radical damage. Mint leaves are a source of potassium and calcium that aid bone health and help in digestion.

Aam Panna Iced Green Tea
Aam Panna Iced Green Tea


2 cups water

1 green tea bag

1 raw mango

1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder

Black salt as per taste

Pinch of black pepper

Pinch of chilli powder

1 tbsp jaggery

1 tsp basil seeds soaked in a cup water for 20 minutes

Raw cut mango pieces to garnish


Heat water in a vessel, once it boils switch off the flame and drop in a green tea bag

Cover the vessel with a lid, allow it to cool

Cook mango for 20 minutes in hot boiling water

Once cooled, peel the mango, scrape out the pulp and keep aside

Once the green tea decoction has cooled down, add 2-3 tablespoons of mango pulp, roasted cumin powder, black salt, jaggery and pepper

Mix well so that the raw mango pulp does not have lumps

Add some potion of soaked basil seeds and few chopped raw mango pieces in a glass

Strain the green tea mango pulp mixture into the glass

Garnish with mint leaves

Serve refreshing Aam Panna iced green tea with ice cubes


Green tea constitutes this drink is rich in antioxidants. Floating basil seeds maintain cholesterol levels, reduce oxidative stress and aid overall body health.